Monday, 29 June 2009

Hello . . . allow me to introduce myself . . .

My name is Chomwan, or Chomchom, in this case Chom on the Rox as I intend to dispense with information as it is . . . through my own experiences, on the rocks, neither shaken nor stirred even though sometimes events might leave me in such a state . . . .

I don't take or at least try not to take for granted that I get to see a lot and thus end up being a human version of Spongebob, absorbing everything and learning and at some point one kinda wants to share that information, to express ones thoughts and simply just to share the images! . . .hence this blog . . . My interests are pretty varied although when you enter my world you can see that despite the quirks it's pretty consistent really . . .
I come equipped to embark on my mission of accumulating knowledge and experiences with:-
- a bag - Corto Moltedo to be precise

- a note book - either Smythson's in PINK or my new discovery Field Notes made in Oregon,
- a camera (which needs to be changed as I am not so good at taking care of mine),

- and of course my passport which I kid you not fills up more quickly not because my constant globetrotting (although there is a lot of that) but because I am Thai (proud to be very much) thus need a Visa to go to most countries (with the exception of Russia, Brazil, Korea, Brazil, ASEAN nations and HK!) . . .so yeah, on the Russia and Brazil tip that makes me pretty lucky :)

Although lawyer by training, intellectual property to be exact, and still lawyer if you consider a PhD in law, lawyerly . . . I prefer not to think that. My research is on Intellectual Property and the Textiles Industry in Developing Countries - sounds obscure but actually has some relevance to the fashion and textiles industry as we know it . . .thus my interest, is more than just personal in fashion and design and I did support myself designing clothes throughout college. The PhD will be my contribution to knowledge - and I hope that I will be able to apply it to other creative industries as well.

As for the Art fascination, had it not been 8 years of law school, I would have gone to art school. It is something I will grow into one day, which I love and continues to inspire me.

The idea is to join these creative elements together with logic and reason to make even more beautiful things and come up with even more ideas . . . .to improve how we live or how we view the world - simply to make the world a better place. . . Buckminster Fuller is someone who I have been reading up on a lot . . . it could be so simple.

As I write my first post . . .I just received an email from Laura Bartlett Gallery who represents Cyprien Gaillard - he is a great artist, young with vision and I think will grow into something quite exceptional - he is an intellectual, first and foremost . . .

Cyprien Gaillard, Desniansky Raion, 2007 (video still) "Rival gangs battle on a housing estate, a tower block is illuminated by a light show before it is razed to the ground, and a housing estate in a Russian suburb, Desniansky Raion, stands desolate and empty - these are all part of artist Cyprien Gaillard's triptych of films set to music by French composer and musician Koudlam.Experience this 'electronic opera' in Tate Modern's epic Turbine Hall, as Gaillard explores visions of utopian architecture and the aftermath of its social and physical destruction." There will be a bar in the Turbine Hall during the event which will last for approx. 1 hour 15 mins.

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