Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Singapore F1 Grand Prix - Before the race

The weekend of a Grand Prix one often finds that it is the race and solely the race and perhaps the after party which is the main attraction, in the case of Singapore - the lead up to the race and entertainment carefully planned around it was worth being centre stage itself.

My little sejour could hardly be normal with my little sister, Trustfun founder Lynn in charge, made even more exciting with Michelle Eng (a friend from boarding school) being in town and my mentor, Arnold Chan flying in.
Upon arriving at the new ION mall, Lynn and I bump into Pharrell - seeing as I see him everywhere I was able to invite him to Nat's Hideaway - how fun would that be!
That night, Michelle and I had our usual sake fest then went to the first night of the Fuel F1 party where Underworld played.  

Michelle and I
I am not a fan of Underwolrd but there is a sense of nostalgia there especially with that refrain from Trainspotting and trying to hit those giant balloons. 
Then off I went to rejoin Lynn at Erol Elkan and then for late night customary Hainanese Chicken rice at the legendary Boon Tong Kee.
The next day was about recovery and Pharrell at F1 rocks - thanks to Earn Chen of Surrender who hooked me up with a pass. . . so the 'entourage' we saw at ION with Pharrell was actually his band, it was n*e*r*d.  Cute performance especially when they let the kids go on stage and dance with them.  

n*e*r*d with kids from the floor dancing on stage
What happens when they do not want to come down??? 
cute little girls at the entrance
Then it was dinner at lovely place called Taste Paradise (again at ION) then the Ferarri dome, I counted 12 bottles of Moet consumed. . . 

Arnold and Lynn

giant Elmo and I

the dj's were these weird dudes from Paris - they were dope - Back to the Future and Baklava's . . . 

- rock on - especially as this was only the beginning.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Surfer girl x tribal goddess x Oscar

My absolute favourite looks from NY fashion week - I am inspired by the energy, the vibe and obviously the aesthetic - new and fresh and oh sooo cool.

Proenza Schouler's surfer chic is awesome - it's way cool yet makes you smile as you think back about those days skating, hanging out and surfing - more innocent days.  Redefined sexy cool surfer chic out on the town. 
tie-dyed rash vest with prom skirt (I love)

slinky long board-shorts, a tee and smoking

tie dyed little dress

Rodarte's highly charged primitivism - so sexy it hurts - raw yet oddly refined - a fantastical journey of tribal goddesses.  A mysterious, torn, lost and gothic world.  The clothes themselves genius - the love and care that has been put into tearing, shredding, burning - the very design.
Rodarte shredded gown

a slinky version

And of course there is Oscar de la Renta one of the godfathers of American fashion - a bit of the old school - the other end of the spectrum. That classic upper east side aesthetic which is his.  Yes, of course there are the gowns, but this look for me is what defines elgance - refined and so subtle. A modern classic? or a classic made modern?

Oscar's off the shoulder elegance

Friday, 18 September 2009

Marc Jacobs does it again . . . ss 10

Call me sado-masochist but I have been in Bkk and looking through style.com at the shows and the goings-on when normally I would be in NY.  Then again, it's another fashion week in that big circuit and seeing as I can see all the looks and get daily updates from various parties via blackberry messenger anyway - well it's not so bad. There is a time and place for everything I guess.  It has now come to an end and next stop is London - I must say though there are a few highlights for me from NY - some things that are so quintessentially American and unique that it can only be born on that side of the Atlantic.

One of those things is Marc Jacobs, yes, his sensibility is European in parts but the way that he reinvents and puts together is uniquely his and well, uniquely New-Yorkan (if that is a word).  Marc Jacob's Spring 2010 show provoked thought and curiousity.  For me it had hints of Thailand, especially Siam as portrayed in the King and I and at other moments felt some what Japananese, yet very Dior new look at the same time.  I adore the grown-up yet playful sensiblity executed in the most elegant way.  The skirts which hang almost like a sarong, the fabulous fanny packs that went with them, shoes like those in the reign of King Rama IV. I loved these three looks - rather genius really - love it or hate - the guy does something right . . .

Oh and let's not forget the styling and the intricate detail on those garments - a fantasy world which brings together so many elements.  I love.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Astronauts in Africa s/s 10

Before leaving nsha I started what was to be my last collection, Astronauts in Africa S/S 2010  . . . the collection was never materialised and these moodboards have become inspiration for other things for me - for mood and colours, for destinations and new projects. . .

I centred the collection around the idea of the nomadic traveller - literally as well as figuratively - hence vast the open space of the desert and astronauts in space - the two coming together in the geometry of Timbuktu, the sculptures of Not Vital in the desert and the works of Judd at the Cinnati Foundation in Marfa, Texas (and at the time I made the board the work of one of his protege's Baertling).  I was inspired how the future and minimalism can find such a fitting home in the desert as well as the way of life of the Touregs and the idea of freedom.  

My three dream destinations contained in the content of these boards - Mali with Timbuktu and the dessert of Essakane, the pilgrimage to Marfa stopping on the way at Walter de Maria's Lightning Field and Turrell's Roden Crater and space.  Something about desert and barren land and the idea of a hidden oasis really hypnotised me.

Light natural ethereal colours with accents of primary colours and iridescent shimmers, flowing simple lines, sharp edges and the freedom to move.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

It was sad to wake up this morning and hear that Patrick Swayze had passed away.  I grew up with Dirty Dancing and to this day it remains one of my favourite movies and soundtracks for the story, the dancing and sentimental value - Johnny and Baby.  I also remembering swooning over Patrick Swayze in Ghost and later in Point Break.  So in many ways he played quite a large part in my growing up as I watched his movies on repeat . . .such joy as well as thinking back now such defining times. Thank you.

Condolences to his friends and family and R.I.P Parick Swayze

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Crystalised by The xx

Lynn shared a bunch of music with me last week and of the many albums, xx totally stuck out for me - I love the sound, adore the vibe and the band are very cute. This is the video for Crystalised.

The voices are hypnotic especially with that steady beat in the song.

I also like Heart Skipped a Beat - have had it on repeat for a few days now.

fashion x design - Rick Owens

I love it when someone with a very holistic, complete aesthetic applies his view of the world in a medium which is not what we would expect . . . or has chosen to transcend his craft to another.  That is the case with the furniture design pieces that Rick Owens did for Sebastian + Barquet gallery in London.

I love the light, organic and simple feel of the pieces that still carry with them a certain darkness, intensity and mystery.  It is so completely Rick Owens.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Island Adventure . . . Phang Nga and more

Nat's idea of a Hideway also involves an adventure . . .so off we went on our little speedboat equipped with yummy chicken sandwiches on our private little adventure . . . 

Nat, Andre and Cleo on boat
#1 Cave exploration 

. . . very Indiana Jones . . . 


clay was good for feet and the stags both up and down were gorgeous.  
Cleo and I

Andre and the lagoon at the end

#2 Room Island and James Bond island . . . the name is from its appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun

#3 Canoeing through caves . . . 

Amazingly diverse micro environments - we could have been in a swamp in True Blood at one point

#4 Village on water - Koh Panyee . . .

 Panyee in water 

When James Bond came to Phang Nga Bay in the 70's  - what started was a community - completely self sufficient Muslim community called Panyee
the school and football pitch

It was charming, sweet and like being in Narnia as we had to go through a door that led us to another world . . .

#5 Real cave drawings . . . 

Apparently from over 3000 yrs ago, found by some french dude 80 years ago.  We liked the dolphins
Back in the Kingdom  . . .
Andre, Cleo, Me, Nat

Watching the waning moon and dozing off under the sky

Finally, our time to depart arrived, the hardest thing about Yao Noi is not getting there actually - it's leaving  . . . .
my room and very comfortable bed with sublime view

last dip before departure

What a little break like that does is show only what nature has to offer but what dedication and passion can give birth to - although sunburnt - I am thoroughly inspired  . . . great company and a surreal island will do that.

my favourite moment - entering the Reserve

Hill Top Reserve - Top of the World

Against all odds - Sunday was sunny and bright . . . .

Nat on his throne observing our poolside and underwater activities

Me on bamboo slide

Cleo and I
Cleo and Andre
Cleo through the water

To See is To Believe - Six Senses Hideaway, Yao Noi

There are somethings that require getting on a plane, a car in the rain, a boat through turbulent sea and arriving, to really see, feel and truly appreciate the beauty and meticulous thought and attention to detail that has gone into an undertaking. . .  that is for me the case of Six Senses Hideaway, Yao Noi where to be there is the only way to experience how amazing the place is.  Cleo spent the better part of our plane ride trying to describe it to me and P'Nat had tried also to explain it and came to the resolve that I had to go there.  They were right - it was what I expected and much much more - on another level in fact.

The pier in the storm

It was a very spontaeneous weekend -  Andre's idea, who was in Singpaore for Le Baron business and suggested  a Phuket weekend.  So Cleo and I met him, and Nat, who is the mastermind of the Hideaway would join us the next day.  

In the rain we arrived to the little Robinson Crusoe island of which is Nat's Kingdom, to a pool vill a suite we arrived and had the most satisfying meal.  I loved it.  Loooved the TV that could be watched from the bath tub and just the cute the little hut with the dopest detail - they thought it all out for us already . . .

Pool Villa

Cleo and I

Cleo in uniform

What no one prepared me for was the Hilltop Reserve to which we would move the next day . . . One word - SPEECHLESS . . . to feel that you are on the top of the world, where the doors with its raw sturdy pillars welcome you to a horizon of sky and clouds and ocean with limestone islands that look like they are talking to each other - utterly surreal.

The Reserve itself has 3 bed rooms, hidden bathtubs (many), steam room and sauna, gym, wine cellar, dining room, Bose surround sound, a bamboo slide, around infinity pool, lots of space, and did I mention the view?  . . oh and of course the best service ever!
Andre and Nat

Even though it was the moodiest of storms, most instense of never ending rain - it was beautiful and rather romantic.  Lunch of champagne and without doubt the best club sandwich I have ever had - if Tyler Brule's Club Sandwich index to rate hotels is anyting to go by, Hideway is utterly superior.

Dinner was at the Chef's table . . . wonderful
And that really was just the beginning . . . .