Saturday, 24 April 2010

Neon Carnival in the Desert

We found ourselves dragging our feet through the crowd defeated by an overload of good music and people to then be accosted by Kathy and friends to a "secret" party. . .   

The  annual carnival party that goes on at Coachella, hosted by Brent Bolthouse, an infamous party organiser in LA. It was in the middle of nowhere at some airport in the desert.  .  

and we were greated by neon palm trees and rides, all types of them . . .I was particularly enthused by the bumper cars, the boys excited about the Fatburgers. . . Kathy and Jeff liked going backwards on the slides.  Oh and let's not forget the Umpa Lumpas!! I even won a furry friend, fred the frog from shooting hoops . . .  
Kathy with Barracuda and me with Fred
Jusske and I
WHAT A CARNIVAL!! From moosemunch to ciroc to rides and glow rings . . .we drove home as the first desert light in the horizon started to brighten the sky. LOOOOVE. Carnival in the desert.  

Friday, 23 April 2010

De la Barracuda

Dopest shop in LA with a great blog . . . Miguel and Saga adopted me over Coachella . . . they are now taking care of Freddie the frog that I won at the Neon Carnival. There is a hair salon, awesome clothes, a great space and I kid you not, I never was one to want to get a tattoo but their private tattoo parlour makes it tempting . . .but then again I wouldn't.

 (Pedro Winters' pop shop is here too!)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Coachella Calling

My first trip to the Californian desert, my first music festival as Hyde Park O2 Festival does not count.  A roadtrip at 6 am with Jeff, driving parallel to John of Dita and Miguel of de la Barracuda.  What a trip . . . probably one where pictures (and a couple captions) speak louder than words . . . Great weather (hot and dry), great food! (yes, macro biotic salads and Kogi), great company, new friends, pool parties, a carnival and let's not forget the most amaaaazing acts with the backdrop of the great Californian desert and palms trees.  Coachella Calling . . .

Day 1
the drive
carrot cake at Manhattan in Palm Springs
Games on Pedro Winters' lawn
our house
Coachella before the maddening crowd
I heart Barracuda
She and Him
Golden Hour day 1
Fish Tacos
Vampire Weekend
Warren and Seb
Seb and I
Fireworks and Beyonce
Day 2
Blue Coyote
Anthem Pool Party
Jeff, Joel and John
John, Me and Jeff
Joel and Katie K.

Tim Biskup and I
The xx
Coachella is burning (but was saved pretty quickly)
Kogi (roaming Korean/Mexican food)
My fave pic
The Dead Weather
Day 3
Anthem Le Lagoon
Bruce Wayne
Amy Winehouse
Gary, Rini Toby and I
Brian Bell, Joel K and Ramsi
Saga and Miguel
Final sunset . . .
Thom Yorke

See you in 2011 Coachella . . . :)