Friday, 25 February 2011

From Esarn with Love

Last weekend, Powpow and I went on a road trip to the northeast, to Pakthongchai to be exact to Eric Booth's and Waan's wedding on the Jim Thompson farm. P'Eric greeted us at the entrance, the handsome groom, looking the part in a safari suit and pa khao ma. Me in my Pa Sin pleated skirt and an updated version of a krachao top, matching crescent Corto bag and flip flops, Powpow in chinos and a sarong as belt. What all the boys wore.
What P Eric said was that this would be unique, the old Esarn way. We entered a world which I have only seen in films, of the past, of Esarn, the entire Jim Thompson family (weavers, villagers, families, staff) were out to celebrate their union. The Esarn wedding ceremony is a unique one and involves lots of dancing, a procession through the fields and the groom buying the bride with gold and cattle. Quite a sight.

dancing at the Groom's house
procession of bananas, bird cages, people

Bride and Groom at Bride's house

Friends and family were all there, everyone in casual traditional garb, Khun Yai Pasri, my inspiration looking as ravishing as usual.

P Harry, P Manit
P Rai, P Eric, P Sri

After the blessings which were songlike, we all gathered on the lawn to watch the sunset and the band play, luk thung of course to a backdrop saying Thanks Waan and Eric in Esarn dialect.

Food was delicous, drinks plentiful, P Rai and P Sri have their very handsome boys very well trained to fill up our makeshift ice bucket. Luk Thung and Molam. . .speeches, including one in Esarn by Eric's father, a touching moment by the bride and more music. It was like stepping into an Apichatpong film, perhaps Syndromes and a Century, with the lights, the stage, the music. It was a big village ceremony and party, 1000 people dancing.

Powpow and I left after some time for the long roadtrip home and as we we entered Bangkok, we realised that we had stepped into another world. We felt rejuvenated and very happy for the cutest couple ever and hugged by the simple romance of it all.

Congratulations Waan and P'Eric. xxx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

R.I.P. Leroy Grannis

Dubbed, by the NYT as the "godfather of surfphotography". Leroy Grannis was legendary for what he captured of the surf scene in the 1960's and 1970's and is the stuff of legends, iconic. It is from his pictures that the romance, the adventure, the fun of surfing was revealed to me. It is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. It is beautiful.

"There's surfing royalty, and he was one of the kings," his son said. "He inspired so many big-name photographers that consider him their mentor."

1969, California also cover of his book published by Taschen.

1969, LeRoy Grannis surfing Hermosa Beach with his Calypso amphibious camera, invented by another aquatic legend– Jacques Cousteau. Photo by John Grannis.

RIP Leroy Grannis. 1917-2011. Thank you.

All Photographs ©LeRoy Grannis. All rights reserved.