Monday, 31 August 2009

Betak Magic

I found this showreel last week - I saw the beginnings of it last summer when I was in Paris and Alex showed it to me . . . this however, is the completed one and very up-to-date - his most sublime and beautiful works.  

Alex founded Bureau Betak years ago and is truly a visionnaire with a point of view and aesthetic which is uniquely his.  It is a fantastical, incredibly sleek and wonderously mysterious world that he creates - so inspiring. There have been shows I have been to where I was so overwhelmed by the experience and the beauty that I got goosebumps on my body and tears in my eyes, Dior Couture A/W 2005 with the carriage and Jorando and Hussein Chalayan S/S 2007 with the moving/morphing dresses come to mind. Sublime.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


On a violently rainy Saturday night I went to the opening of Impromptu, P'Oh's new series of work.

"In Impromptu, the story which Piyatat is telling is that of Jazz music, specifically Jazz music in Thailand . . . To me, his work is about duality and contrast, in the sense that his photos transcend the difference between lightness and darkness, using the two opposites to his advantage, thus straddling between the two extremes, where the shadows and reflects are most prominent and the greys come to life . . .

There is synchronicity in this story, movement, as well as collaboration between the artists and the instruments . . .

 . . .the vibrations of the double bass resounds out of the image .. .

. . .  the steady beat of the drums . . .

 . . . There is soul in Jazz, as to me these pictures enables the viewer to admire the seamless , almost perfect form of the inanimate instruments that come to life so effortlessly  in the hands of a maestro. . . 

Piyatat and I - my favourite lithographs in the back

 . . .Jazz is about life, and life is about improvisation, and here in Impromptu, life and music become one through Piyatat Hemmatat's lens."

- extracted from my introduction to the book which accompanies the exhibition, Impromptu is on at the Jazz Gallery, Bangkok until September 30th, 2009

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Back to Black - Smirnoff Black

My old friend Paulie organised a lovely evening to launch Smirnoff Black at the Alila in Cha-am, Duangrit Bunnag's minimal piece - stark and simple yet rather sexy.

Lobby - Alila Cha-am
The event was grandly orchestrated and rather decadent - it was black all the way, Jeremy and I missed the vodka tasting but I managed to chill by the pool and was taught how to make my own martinis and muddled drinks by the Flow boys. . . .

The girls by the pool
moody sky
The main event was a five course dinner, every course infused with vodka and paired with a Vodka cocktail, black tie and all black of course, the velvet faberge eggs will be for holding the vodka bottles, the black bottles with black candles . . .all black. so chic . . .and yes, so much vodka. Tul's dj set during dinner was also PERFECT - if only all dinners had music that good.

dinner table

Paulie, Boyy, Jay, Ase, Me, Jane, Jeremy

We went to the red room, converted to black with our rather large vodka martini glasses where the dj's were playing their sets . . . .

Paulie's set

Looooved Note with the silver cape . . . 

I spent a rather large part of the evening bantering with Ananda Everingham about fake-dirty-ism and how one must EARN te right to be a hippy or at least to go away and live in Sumba forever and surf and evitably - we all ended up in the pool . . .everyone. . . well, not many exceptions.

Back to Bkk it was the next day - with bizarrely, no hangover - hail hail smirnoff black. Thanks Paulie!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

L.A Gear - back to the 90's

I LOVE THESE . . . reminds me of being back in middle school running around in Jakarta where I lived.  L.A. Gear back then was the coooolest thing ever especially with Trapper Keepers and fluorescent slap bracelets.  Here, the colourways are sooo dope. . . so many memories come flying back yet these do not look dated - totally on point actually - how fun.  Gotta get myself a pair . . .

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Baseman x Bkk . . .2nd time

Gary Baseman and I first met during Miami Basel over 4 years ago - he came to Bkk for the first time last year for the Nsha launch party where his Thai mermaid was a hit in the charity auction which was part of the launch.

Gary and I

After a toy convention in Singapore, he came through to Bkk to hang out and finalise the nsha x baseman collaboration - we will be launching those bikinis and boardshorts and a few other bits soon - in line with an event Gary will be having at LACMA and the launch of his Chouchou book.  I'm totally psyched as I loove the bikinis and it's the only bit of nsha I am still involved with after all.

I took Gary to Cocue where Ploi is selling her label PPP - he was a hit - the girls got him to sign the new PPP bags etc . . and Ploi was very cheeky, she got a portrait. . . 

Gary and I always have fun . . .especially when Toby, the keep of deep dark secrets is around - Toby travels with Gary everywhere . . . I first met him in London when he came to the 10th anniversary of Momo's with us.  Here he is  . . .   

No doubt Baseman x Bkk will not be limited to 2nd time only - we've been discussing some very fun collaborations and projects . . . but only Toby knows what they are for  now . . .

Paradise Bangkok under the highway

Paradise Bkk is one of the dopest nights I have ever been too in bkk - organised by the label Zud Rang Maa at Raindog . . . Thai country music and Molum mixed with old school hip hop and funk . . .in a derelict house with a little garden, empty mini pool, oh and nevereanding croaking of frogs and toads in teh night and a mini barbeque.  P'Oh bought me the compilation cd's - amazing - imagine James Brown's "I feel Good" - Thai version.  

Let's not forget the homemade herbal liquors - i preferred Groaning Lady to the Stampeding Horse one.

Oh yes, and let's not forget that the easiest way to get to Raindog is to climb through a fence that leads you to a highway exit.  Yep, Paradise Bkk, good to know you exist.

Suspension of Time and Space

Alexia (a friend from Paris), Gene and I were lucky to bump into Eric Booth (P'Eric) one afternoon after visiting the super duper cool textiles exhibition at the Jim Thompson house/museum.  P'Eric invited us to a performance by Pichet, Thailand's foremost avant-garde performance artists at the Jim Thompson house.  

Alexia and Gene on tuk tuk goin to Jim Thompson

Gene and I - barefoot at the Jim Thompson house

Pichet's performance was dynamic, mysterious but also very clear and simple as he attempted to explain Khon or Thai classical dance . . .it was amazing . . .did not want to blink even . . .

"Theatre is the suspension of time and space" says Pichet, you never see someone die on stage, they die in the back. He showed us how the subtlest movement distinguishes one's role and tells stories and showed us how Thai dance and Thai architecture speak to each other. A lady will never cry in the open, always turning away to weep and the last tear is flicked away to forget.  Real life could learn a few things from theatre . . .

After the eye opening performance dinner was served at the restaurant in the compound.  I had a chance to catch up with P'Harry (who happens to be Gene's cousin) John and Malina. . .and of course the vivacious and sublimely beautiful Pasri Bunnag, Eric's mum and Jean Michel - they own Jim Thompson and are great patrons of the arts - truly inspiring. . . 

It really turned out to be a wonderful evening - like we were taken back into time, to a different Bangkok, the old Thai house and its grounds, the people and conversation . . . so in a way time and space were suspended in real life.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dita x Bkk

Tommy O'Gara of Dita was here last week - he is a friend of Lynn's and also knows Nat - I took him around a bit, as did Jeed. I've been wearing ditas for a while - I love'em - super comfortable and what's dope is there is no visible logo but if you got a pair you know how to spot a pair . . .

Nat and Tommy 

So Tommy has now made me the Dita ambassador - at - large :) . . . In Bkk - he wil be selling them at Niche Nation.

Me in Super Dupers

I'm looking forward to seeing the collabos that he will be doing in the near future . . .exciting . . .cannot wait. Esp if they are anything like the dita x cazals . . . 

Monday, 10 August 2009

Let's Get Lost

I might be a little late on the bandwagon on this one - seeing as Bruce Weber shot it in 1987 and it came out again for the second time late last year . . .  Piyatat lent the dvd to me for inspiration and background as I was writing an introduction to his book for his show, Impromptu, about jazz.

Let's Get Lost is a sumblime, beautiful, and sincere homage to the late Chet Baker if there ever was one.

Bruce Weber is a master at capturing freedom in its purest form, soft, yet tainted with a raw edge . . .  I was so inspired.  I love also that his vision is so holistic. . .you can tell it is him through and through.

Chet Baker was a a rare talent, a cool dude and an amazing musician- for me he epitomised a certain time, jazz, freedom, spontaiety - and beauty.

From Autos to Architecture: Fordism and Architectural Aesthetics in the 20th Century

Can't wait to get my hands on this . . . .

So why did the modernist architecture rise out of war-torn Europe when America had the huge auto industry that it had? . . . can't wait to read it . . .

more info here . . .
From Autos to Architecture: Fordism and Architectural Aesthetics in the 20th Century

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Once Upon a Time in Paris . . .the arm and Moncler videos

These are the videos from Saloni's FLIP of the walk from lunch to the Moncler-Valli installation by Alex de Betak.  The first is Susan, Saloni, "the arm" and myself. The second is of Alex in a lovely uniform at the Opera Garnier.   
Good times . . .  

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Not Monopoly - Socialitopoly

HILARIOUS  . . . .and absolutely SPOT-ON . . .  socialite or not . . .  yes, Le Baron has to be there as does the Venice Biennale and of course the Couture shows . . . I say they are missing the Amanpuri for New Year's but that's about it . . . 

On the Road

I am dreaming of going on the road . . .a looong road trip through America and when I think of that I think luggage, particularly duffel bags - I think automatically of Filson . . .On the Road, on safari, to Sumba . . .  so wholesome and rugged.

Next time I am in the US that is first on my list - an oversized duffel with wheels (i can even fit into those things) . . . and these little duffels are not so shabby either . . . see boys do have all fun . . .after all Filson is for fishing and hunting and the great outdoors. . . 

Charles Peterson who is known for his photographs of the Seattle rock scene in the 80's and 90's (yes, GRUNGE) did a series in the Filson factory (Filson is from Seattle). 

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Corto Cassette . . . play now.

Yes, I pranced around with a patent bubble gum orange one during Paris fashion week in March and I rocked up in Rome for bvlgari with a gold lame one . .. Gabe has just dropped the grand news that this baby is going to be available in pink nappa . .. I already have mine on hold, so does Princess Nantaya (n'tui) . . . I absolutely cannot wait to pick mine up this fall . . . did I mention it comes in many many different colours, you can almost have one for everyday of the week. I love that John Lin uses the Lemon one . . .
For those who do not know, Corto Moltedo is the very hot, coveted luxury bags label by Gabrielcorto Moltedo, who's family owned Bottega Veneta before selling it a while back. Gabe has the legacy and definitely the savoir faire when it comes to bags.

Gabe in front of his shop

His flagship is in the Jardins du Palais Royale and there is a summer pop-up in the Galerie Lafayette. Gabe has a very loyal following . . .yours truly included . . I am the Corto ambassadress for Thailand after all (hit me up if you are in Thailand and want a bag or two). . . so I might be a little biased but you can't deny that the Cassettes rock. . . .

Once Upon a Time in Paris . . .Part IV- Blonde and Blonder

On one of the last days in Paris, Saloni and I became Blonde an Blonder . . after a morning at that essential Parisian stop Alaia. . .we managed to crawl to the Costes . . in our new shoes.  Sal has insisted that I load up her Flip footage - it will be here soon. . .The Costes at lunch during Fashion Week is great fun . . . not sure if our laughter and non-sensical conversations regarding the night before was so funny to anyone else though. 

That night was Galliano . . . I rounded up the girls, Susan gave Sal and I Blonde and Blonder bracelets (yes that is how retarded we were) and we arrived to the show which was far away greeted by the drum of aggressive of anti-fur protesters.  We were safe - no fur. I was not, as my new Alaias, hot as there were, did not aide with balance, I kind of just fell on the path walking to the show . . . Susan and Saloni LAUGHED(when they should have helped me up!).  Thank goodness for Lady Bunny showing up as she managed to diverge attention AWAY fron my horrendous fall. . . Like shows of the past, there was vodka at the entrance! The actual show was stunning. Leave it to John Galliano and of course Mr. de Betak . . so dreamy it was 

then the Fendi'O party after, we managed to kidnap Lara - Alex's ex assistant who was lugging around shades for everyone to try on for her L'Officiel story. . .Sal and Susan had a go too. . . 

Saloni and Susan

The Fendi party was about Mr. Lagerfeld and his boys . . .and of course Beth Ditto 
Beth Ditto

. . .our friend the beautiful and very talented Charlotte Stockdale styles Fendi so we where with her in Karl's section.  Love Charlotte and her assistant Katie :) 

Charlotte, Jim and Katie

Yes, Susan was funny that night - we all were I think - see pics . . .my shoes were not doing well though, did something to my circulation so but-for Susan's ice down my back, i would've fainted.

Me, Matteo and Susan

Susan and I
Saloni in Saloni dress
Susan in nsha and Anja Rubik

Derek Blasberg, Elisabeth Von Gutman and I

Great night though . . .was supposed to be my last night in Paris but there never is that . . .I mean it usually does not end so easily. . I always need a couple extra days. . .

Monday, 3 August 2009

Any Fun??

I also love the new video by Coconut Records - Any Fun - Jason Schwartzman in his own video filming the vid, Gonzo is in there too and so is Chloe Sevigny - but in the cutest role I've ever seen her in.

Does it not make you nostlagic or what??? No matter where you lived in the world - skateboards, ciggies, hula hoops, funny shades and cute and weird boys too - if you were into that kind of thing I guess. . . the effect is a kind of sadness, nostalgia and longing of some sort . . . but still happy . . . 

West Coast

Gene put some tracks on my computer some time ago, from a band called - Coconut Records - it's Jason Schwartzman's band.  It was love at first hearing - it is fantastic - mellow, cute and kind of nostalgic - a bit cheeky as well . . .

One of my favourite music videos EVER is the video for West Coast, with Mark Gonzales skating through Cologne and in a museum with Flavins and Opies . . . I will forever be a little skater girl . . . I love this video . . . . it's a couple years old now but still a classic . . . so right.

Kinda does make you wanna go to the West Coast . . . and yes, Gonzo is amazing.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dreams of Kirkwood

So of course I am pining for the timbo's and yes, I shall get them. .. on the opposite end of the spectrum are these . . . .

Nicholas Kirkwood AW '09

I love what Nicholas Kirkwood does . .. elegant with an uber modern and sophisticated touch and they are totallly sexy - I can't wait to get my hands on these come September when in London.  Gotta loooove'em - the fantasy shoes.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Old School Bkk . . . the way it should be

I admit - I hyped it up - hyped it up BIG - Chotechitr as the best Thai restaurant ever, after much organising with the Entourage . . .well, Nat's that is . . .we made it across town . . .and Chotechitr was closed!  
Oops . . . we found another spot next to the old school mango and sticky rice place Gor Phanitch and thank goodness I was saved by the food. . . . really.
Nat and Vudi

A Thai delicacy that looks like macarons in soup!

Vudi and Tay

I just figured out that Tay does have his own show . .. it's called Gossip Girl and he is Chuck Bass . . .the Bangkok version of Chuck that is :)

then some exploring on Phra Athit Road. . . .

mini roti at the very old school Roti Mataba

RAMA VIII bridge

my fave little bar that pays homage to James Dean and Marilyn Monroe with Frozen cocktails - we had cream soda shakes . . .

Change of atmosphere was much needed . . . .