Thursday, 20 August 2009

Baseman x Bkk . . .2nd time

Gary Baseman and I first met during Miami Basel over 4 years ago - he came to Bkk for the first time last year for the Nsha launch party where his Thai mermaid was a hit in the charity auction which was part of the launch.

Gary and I

After a toy convention in Singapore, he came through to Bkk to hang out and finalise the nsha x baseman collaboration - we will be launching those bikinis and boardshorts and a few other bits soon - in line with an event Gary will be having at LACMA and the launch of his Chouchou book.  I'm totally psyched as I loove the bikinis and it's the only bit of nsha I am still involved with after all.

I took Gary to Cocue where Ploi is selling her label PPP - he was a hit - the girls got him to sign the new PPP bags etc . . and Ploi was very cheeky, she got a portrait. . . 

Gary and I always have fun . . .especially when Toby, the keep of deep dark secrets is around - Toby travels with Gary everywhere . . . I first met him in London when he came to the 10th anniversary of Momo's with us.  Here he is  . . .   

No doubt Baseman x Bkk will not be limited to 2nd time only - we've been discussing some very fun collaborations and projects . . . but only Toby knows what they are for  now . . .

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