Monday, 10 August 2009

Let's Get Lost

I might be a little late on the bandwagon on this one - seeing as Bruce Weber shot it in 1987 and it came out again for the second time late last year . . .  Piyatat lent the dvd to me for inspiration and background as I was writing an introduction to his book for his show, Impromptu, about jazz.

Let's Get Lost is a sumblime, beautiful, and sincere homage to the late Chet Baker if there ever was one.

Bruce Weber is a master at capturing freedom in its purest form, soft, yet tainted with a raw edge . . .  I was so inspired.  I love also that his vision is so holistic. . .you can tell it is him through and through.

Chet Baker was a a rare talent, a cool dude and an amazing musician- for me he epitomised a certain time, jazz, freedom, spontaiety - and beauty.

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