Thursday, 27 August 2009

Back to Black - Smirnoff Black

My old friend Paulie organised a lovely evening to launch Smirnoff Black at the Alila in Cha-am, Duangrit Bunnag's minimal piece - stark and simple yet rather sexy.

Lobby - Alila Cha-am
The event was grandly orchestrated and rather decadent - it was black all the way, Jeremy and I missed the vodka tasting but I managed to chill by the pool and was taught how to make my own martinis and muddled drinks by the Flow boys. . . .

The girls by the pool
moody sky
The main event was a five course dinner, every course infused with vodka and paired with a Vodka cocktail, black tie and all black of course, the velvet faberge eggs will be for holding the vodka bottles, the black bottles with black candles . . .all black. so chic . . .and yes, so much vodka. Tul's dj set during dinner was also PERFECT - if only all dinners had music that good.

dinner table

Paulie, Boyy, Jay, Ase, Me, Jane, Jeremy

We went to the red room, converted to black with our rather large vodka martini glasses where the dj's were playing their sets . . . .

Paulie's set

Looooved Note with the silver cape . . . 

I spent a rather large part of the evening bantering with Ananda Everingham about fake-dirty-ism and how one must EARN te right to be a hippy or at least to go away and live in Sumba forever and surf and evitably - we all ended up in the pool . . .everyone. . . well, not many exceptions.

Back to Bkk it was the next day - with bizarrely, no hangover - hail hail smirnoff black. Thanks Paulie!

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