Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Once Upon a Time in Paris . . .Part IV- Blonde and Blonder

On one of the last days in Paris, Saloni and I became Blonde an Blonder . . after a morning at that essential Parisian stop Alaia. . .we managed to crawl to the Costes . . in our new shoes.  Sal has insisted that I load up her Flip footage - it will be here soon. . .The Costes at lunch during Fashion Week is great fun . . . not sure if our laughter and non-sensical conversations regarding the night before was so funny to anyone else though. 

That night was Galliano . . . I rounded up the girls, Susan gave Sal and I Blonde and Blonder bracelets (yes that is how retarded we were) and we arrived to the show which was far away greeted by the drum of aggressive of anti-fur protesters.  We were safe - no fur. I was not, as my new Alaias, hot as there were, did not aide with balance, I kind of just fell on the path walking to the show . . . Susan and Saloni LAUGHED(when they should have helped me up!).  Thank goodness for Lady Bunny showing up as she managed to diverge attention AWAY fron my horrendous fall. . . Like shows of the past, there was vodka at the entrance! The actual show was stunning. Leave it to John Galliano and of course Mr. de Betak . . so dreamy it was 

then the Fendi'O party after, we managed to kidnap Lara - Alex's ex assistant who was lugging around shades for everyone to try on for her L'Officiel story. . .Sal and Susan had a go too. . . 

Saloni and Susan

The Fendi party was about Mr. Lagerfeld and his boys . . .and of course Beth Ditto 
Beth Ditto

. . .our friend the beautiful and very talented Charlotte Stockdale styles Fendi so we where with her in Karl's section.  Love Charlotte and her assistant Katie :) 

Charlotte, Jim and Katie

Yes, Susan was funny that night - we all were I think - see pics . . .my shoes were not doing well though, did something to my circulation so but-for Susan's ice down my back, i would've fainted.

Me, Matteo and Susan

Susan and I
Saloni in Saloni dress
Susan in nsha and Anja Rubik

Derek Blasberg, Elisabeth Von Gutman and I

Great night though . . .was supposed to be my last night in Paris but there never is that . . .I mean it usually does not end so easily. . I always need a couple extra days. . .

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