Thursday, 20 August 2009

Paradise Bangkok under the highway

Paradise Bkk is one of the dopest nights I have ever been too in bkk - organised by the label Zud Rang Maa at Raindog . . . Thai country music and Molum mixed with old school hip hop and funk . . .in a derelict house with a little garden, empty mini pool, oh and nevereanding croaking of frogs and toads in teh night and a mini barbeque.  P'Oh bought me the compilation cd's - amazing - imagine James Brown's "I feel Good" - Thai version.  

Let's not forget the homemade herbal liquors - i preferred Groaning Lady to the Stampeding Horse one.

Oh yes, and let's not forget that the easiest way to get to Raindog is to climb through a fence that leads you to a highway exit.  Yep, Paradise Bkk, good to know you exist.

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