Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dita x Bkk

Tommy O'Gara of Dita was here last week - he is a friend of Lynn's and also knows Nat - I took him around a bit, as did Jeed. I've been wearing ditas for a while - I love'em - super comfortable and what's dope is there is no visible logo but if you got a pair you know how to spot a pair . . .

Nat and Tommy 

So Tommy has now made me the Dita ambassador - at - large :) . . . In Bkk - he wil be selling them at Niche Nation.

Me in Super Dupers

I'm looking forward to seeing the collabos that he will be doing in the near future . . .exciting . . .cannot wait. Esp if they are anything like the dita x cazals . . . 

1 comment:

  1. HEY GIRL!

    THANX FOR THE INTRO... yes. we have a few secret projects in the black box as we speak/type/write.. and some specialteeeee colors
    in the new metals coming out!!!

    Look forward to being back in Oct to do a show and ROCK the town..
    so many great people in BKK...

    We have shipped the first delivery to NN so have a look when you have time..


    Hit me up with your land addresss later and will send you a book.

    I did the digital imaging and designed the book.. cool little vibe book on JP..

    Best to All,