Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Thai Folk Wisdom

I met a lovely lady last week at Paradise Bkk (my 3rd Paradise Bkk now and of course still with P'Oh - I love those nights), her name was Tulaya, she is a friend of quite a few of my friends.  She wrote a book about Thai folklore, specially Thai proverbs and has curated a body of work, a book as well as an exhibition of art that seeks to interpret these quaint and quite wise sayings we have heard since we were little and perhaps took forgranted. To read them again - well, let's say I heard a few oooohs and aaaahs and gigles.  Thought provoking it certainly was . .. .

"A strand of hair can hide a mountain" 
mixed tape on paper by Jitsing Somboon

"Walk behind the elders and the dogs won't bite"
Textiles collage by Jakkai Sributr

"Fancy folks with red feet take side steps"
Cowhide and wood by Chusak Srikwan

P'Oh and I did not get so much time to see the exhibition as it one of those openings where we found ourselves constantly engaging in conversation and it was also one of those nights where we had to go to yet another opening at Sirindia Gallery near The Oriental.  Thank goodness for bkk public transport .. .I wonder which proverb would suit that . .  . I think the red feet one probably applies, as you don't see many fancy folk on the BTS even though it is about the most efficient thing ever about this city!

Sunday, 20 December 2009


Coconut Records song Nighttiming comes to my mind when looking at these pictures of Cleo and MMSSON. 

It was Cleo's second to last night before her departure back to Paris - I am still traumatised . . . incredibly so as she has become one of my closest and dearest friends and well, is the "daughter" with whom I share with Nat.  

A Pretty Woman moment here . . . Rodeo Drive replaced by Ruamrudee.

I'm going to miss her terribly but I know that she will be back soooooon . . . it's never fun when a little sunshine is taken away.


More aliens, more sci-fi . . . this time it was a big fat bash by the river at the out of the way but amaaazing East Asiatic Company's warehouse or Smirnoff's secret warehouse.  The only reason I know of its real name is because we used it for nsha's launch party last year where we converted a warehouse, brought in a shipping container for a gallery, and flew in Jusske, Gary Baseman and a few of our friends.  Nsha was the first to use the space and no one has used it since - not till now . . . .

and it was definitely worth the wait.  Paulie teamed up with the streetwear brand Superrzaapp for an elctrifying party of neon, bright lights, and prisms, the latter made more poignant with hot pink 3d glasses which multiplied bodies and magnified light.  The dj's sat in the cubes, there were 3 of the them and images were projected onto them to make them moving light cubes - especially dramatic with the glasses.  It was FABULOUS, soo dope.

the cube

atmo with glasses

Cleo, Jeed and Tui

Cleo, Vudi and I

Definitely accentauted by the BUCKETs . . . yes, full moon party style plastic buckets . .. filled with vodka x whatever.

Paulie, Cleo and I


It was defo fun - super duper fun . . .  one of the highlights? the climb up the cube, Vudi wins here . . .


N'Him and Cleo

You know its a rocking party when the cops arrive at the end and let you know ever so discretly that the party is OVER . . . absolutely cannot wait till Paulie's "creation".

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Laduree x Colette

If I were a food I would most defo be a raspberry macaron from Laduree and I would want my neighbour in that pistachio green hard box with gold writing to be a sea salt caramel macaron. 

Well, in this case, if Colette were a macaron it would be a Cotton Candy parfum (flavour) baby pink one in a Colette x Laduree polka dotted limited edition box.

Not forgetting a little Laduree corner at the store, a stone's throw away from the never ending queus at Laduree on Rue Royale . . What is so fab is that you can even order online . . . at colette.fr . . . but then again for me, the whole point is that you go to Paris to get those macarons . . . to do otherwise well . . . takes away from the experience perhaps? Then again, I am a purist of sorts.

I wonder what will be next?? I'm looking forward to a Colette mochi ice-cream . . . now that will be good fun . . . 

Monday, 14 December 2009

COUSINS - Vampire Weekend

New video and single from Vampire Weekend from their 2nd album Contra that is coming out in January.

Love this band - sooo fun. Thanks to Cleo for the tip . . . they are super duper cute. . . the styling rocks - and the mood is super cheeky and still elegant . . . their last album takes the mickey of the whole east coast waspy thing and combines it with African beats and melody . . . Cape Cod Wwassa Kwassa and Mansard Roof are classics.

Saturday, 12 December 2009


It's all about super-heroes . . .I went from Bruce Wayne to Clark Kent . . . my new Corto bag is called the Kryptonite . . .

 . .probably because the little clasp is inspired by the mythic mineral substance that turns Clark into, Superman.  Now I wish Santa Claus or Fed-ex would deliver a real-life breathing one. . . 

The fuschia with the coral is great . . . brightens up any dull day . . .and the shape is completely practical.  Super-hero Corto bag :)

Friday, 11 December 2009

Dita x Neighbourhood = Batmobile

So my new frames of the moment are these . . . Dita x Neighbourhood .  . or the Batmobiles. . .I loooove . . .

Not many exist - in fact I am told that the limited edition collabo is almost completely sold out.  The white colour is called Bone and they are specially moulded with the black and well resemble the Batmobile . . .well, at least I think so. . . (well, they must think so too as that is what they are called!)

Tommy O'Gara is a genius. We heart Dita so much that I could not resist this second Dita post in a week. 

Even with this ridiculous face - the essence of the design still seems to shine through . . . If only now I can find me a real life Bruce Wayne.

G-Shocker - Off the Rocker

Much awaited, anticipated G-Shock anniversary party . . . mayhem in front OF COURSE . . . that is usually the way at these things . . .good fun . . . Nat and crew running around until Shinichi and Masa started their set . . . 

The Japanese did a great set  and we all got to meet Mr. Windson which is the Hanuman inspired watch which Nat designed with the crew. . .notice the white bands on the dj's. . .

Shinichi and Masa


Jeed and Tui

Even though I am definitely NOT the biggest hard-dance, electro junkie I could appreciate the music . . . but then again I spent most of the night on terrace catching up with friends and watching the walls change colours . . . 


Cleo and I 
(in my new Dita x Neighbourhood Batmobile frames)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Land + Sea + Air = LANCIER

Tommy O'Gara is in town - he had a trunk show at Niche Nation over the weekend and it was also tNN's 5th anniversary . . there was a little cocktail on Friday night - it became a little street party with music, cocktails, nibbles and the dopest frames.

Nat and Tommy

Tommy and Jeed

The crowning glory of the trunk show was without a flying doubt the Lancier - I loove looove loooove . . .3 designs in 3 colours, 50 frames each (450 in total is rather limited - very limited, in fact) . . .changeable stems, bespoke leather box . . . amazing tehnical specs that you have to touch, feel and try on to believe.  


I know for a fact that the first owner of the Lancier in Bkk is super low-key does not believe in flashy frames BUT I also know that he fell in love with these - beautiful, amazing quality and completely and utterly stealth.  

Tommy and I (in Lanciers)

It's been a crazy few days as  Nat Sarasas' peeps have flown in for the 25th Anniversary of G-Shock in Thailand . . that is tonight - not only is the founder of G-Shock around, but DJ's Shinchi Osawa and Masatoshi from Tokyo, Earn Chen from Surrender in Singapore, Tommy, the whole crew and Mr. Windson . . . the latter will be the biggest surprise and treat of the night.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Campanas x Lacoste

A year has flown by extraordinarily quickly - this time last year I was in Miami for Art Basel and was one night stranded, at a warehouse in Wynwood - the Campana brothers were my saviour as they offered to give me a ride back to South Beach.  Coincidentally, same time this year, I see one of the Campanas again, as he is on a road show around Asia for the collaboration they did with Lacoste.

Only Humberto was around this time, lovely to catch up with him . . .love the project they did with Lacoste - very special and speaks to their artisanal roots, something tropical and handmade about it . . .probably because the video projection over The Metropolitan pool was of the beach, their studio, crocodiles and the jungle which is Brazil. 

I really believe what the Campanas do in terms of design is relevant and applies very well to Thailand - they transform the most ordinary things to something unique that is in fact functional.  I believe that is called good design.  I love the Sushi chair made from towels, the Disney Banquete and the big wicker Library (not in production seen at Albion Gallery years back). According to Humberto, the Vitra retrospective that launched at in the summer at Basel will come to Thailand soon.  That will be quite something.
Humberto and I

The Lacoste crocs do evoke images of the Campanas crocodile banquet.


John Storey was around too, the creative visionary behind this collaboration and the Visionaire x Lacoste one last year, pretty much many relevant projects we have seen really in the last decade not only with Lacoste but other houses such as Comme. The jungle he created out of Cy'an with the displays was very cool indeed.  I remember the party he did with Visionaire, Lacoste and Alex de Betak in Paris last summer, rocking indeed.  This one was great but could have been mindblowing if the PR was perhaps done differently, then again Frantz (who I adore) did move to HK - really it should fuse the design/fashion/streetwear worlds - perhaps something to look into. I mean it was swimming pool, great collabo, great music and a jungle!

John Storey and Kuan Teo of 2 Magazine

Nonetheless, nights like that do give me some hope, I wonder what John has up his sleeves for next year . . . .

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Golden Tiger/Hidden Monkey

I found myself on Monday night, once more at the Jim Thompson House for the opening of Golden Tiger/Hidden Monkey.  The show was described on the invitation as "astrology * art * life * dialogue with Jim Thompson Art Collection".  It was a big affair, not surprising as it is a group show made up of artists with a rather strong following.  In this case, Roj Singhakul of Issue and Pattree Bhakdibutr of Erb . . .along with Kamol Phaosavasdi, Wisut Pooonimit, and Bhubawit Kritpholnara.  The show touches all senses and definitely spoke to astrology, life and art. .  . not a surprise when the Jim Thompson collection includes classical drawings of the 12 animal signs from the early Rattanakosin period (early 19th century).  Well preserved and beautiful, a strong part the show and a good reference point.  

antique drawing of the Rooster

The artists were commissioned to interpret astrology, which if one thinks about it widely - is about life - especially as each sign defines a certain personage and fate.  Patree created a scent for each sign. E.g. Piyatat is a Dragon, his scent was woodier, more wholesome, it was ginger.  I am a Rooster and the scent which defines me is mint with lavender, lighter, more fleeting.  Now, an Erb x Jim Thompson collection of scents for each sign could be so cool . . .

There is even a forest installation that glows with the sounds of the jungle and animals resonating in the darkness, must come back for an astrology reading.

And the models, preserved in a glass box, each look representing a sign, P'Roj referencing again literally his concept/brief, but wow, was it a stunner and oh so effective.  

Even wearable in parts, if one thinks about how the silk was draped, or the very cool patterned leggings.  

fabric (dog)


alive rooster

Let's hope that we get to see a Roj x Jim Thompson silk collection in the near future. . .I would love a set of silk square pillow cases, one for each sign or a light silk sarong of the roosters stars, and its celestial companions the snake, dragon and horse.  The models then walked around the projection and then it was all about the projection itself.  The cartoons were super-cute, so innocent yet secretly complex . . .I liked the race, esp the little girl who starts the race (this piece tells you the story of how the signs put in order and which signs are compatible/incompatible) and the third piece, with the dancing.  Music was played live by the artist himself on a keyboard - genius.  Loved it.

rat at finish line first

Cleo and Nat

As always, it being P'Eric's venue, it was nice to catch up with friends and enjoy the most delicious Thai food.  This time I walked away with a little book that interprets the stars and gives feng shui advice for the year of the golden tiger and hidden monkey which starts on the 4th February 2010.  

Golden Tiger/Hidden Monkey 
will at the Jim Thompson House, Bangkok 
until Feb 2010