Friday, 11 December 2009

Dita x Neighbourhood = Batmobile

So my new frames of the moment are these . . . Dita x Neighbourhood .  . or the Batmobiles. . .I loooove . . .

Not many exist - in fact I am told that the limited edition collabo is almost completely sold out.  The white colour is called Bone and they are specially moulded with the black and well resemble the Batmobile . . .well, at least I think so. . . (well, they must think so too as that is what they are called!)

Tommy O'Gara is a genius. We heart Dita so much that I could not resist this second Dita post in a week. 

Even with this ridiculous face - the essence of the design still seems to shine through . . . If only now I can find me a real life Bruce Wayne.

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