Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Laduree x Colette

If I were a food I would most defo be a raspberry macaron from Laduree and I would want my neighbour in that pistachio green hard box with gold writing to be a sea salt caramel macaron. 

Well, in this case, if Colette were a macaron it would be a Cotton Candy parfum (flavour) baby pink one in a Colette x Laduree polka dotted limited edition box.

Not forgetting a little Laduree corner at the store, a stone's throw away from the never ending queus at Laduree on Rue Royale . . What is so fab is that you can even order online . . . at colette.fr . . . but then again for me, the whole point is that you go to Paris to get those macarons . . . to do otherwise well . . . takes away from the experience perhaps? Then again, I am a purist of sorts.

I wonder what will be next?? I'm looking forward to a Colette mochi ice-cream . . . now that will be good fun . . . 

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