Thursday, 3 December 2009

Campanas x Lacoste

A year has flown by extraordinarily quickly - this time last year I was in Miami for Art Basel and was one night stranded, at a warehouse in Wynwood - the Campana brothers were my saviour as they offered to give me a ride back to South Beach.  Coincidentally, same time this year, I see one of the Campanas again, as he is on a road show around Asia for the collaboration they did with Lacoste.

Only Humberto was around this time, lovely to catch up with him . . .love the project they did with Lacoste - very special and speaks to their artisanal roots, something tropical and handmade about it . . .probably because the video projection over The Metropolitan pool was of the beach, their studio, crocodiles and the jungle which is Brazil. 

I really believe what the Campanas do in terms of design is relevant and applies very well to Thailand - they transform the most ordinary things to something unique that is in fact functional.  I believe that is called good design.  I love the Sushi chair made from towels, the Disney Banquete and the big wicker Library (not in production seen at Albion Gallery years back). According to Humberto, the Vitra retrospective that launched at in the summer at Basel will come to Thailand soon.  That will be quite something.
Humberto and I

The Lacoste crocs do evoke images of the Campanas crocodile banquet.


John Storey was around too, the creative visionary behind this collaboration and the Visionaire x Lacoste one last year, pretty much many relevant projects we have seen really in the last decade not only with Lacoste but other houses such as Comme. The jungle he created out of Cy'an with the displays was very cool indeed.  I remember the party he did with Visionaire, Lacoste and Alex de Betak in Paris last summer, rocking indeed.  This one was great but could have been mindblowing if the PR was perhaps done differently, then again Frantz (who I adore) did move to HK - really it should fuse the design/fashion/streetwear worlds - perhaps something to look into. I mean it was swimming pool, great collabo, great music and a jungle!

John Storey and Kuan Teo of 2 Magazine

Nonetheless, nights like that do give me some hope, I wonder what John has up his sleeves for next year . . . .

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