Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Thai Folk Wisdom

I met a lovely lady last week at Paradise Bkk (my 3rd Paradise Bkk now and of course still with P'Oh - I love those nights), her name was Tulaya, she is a friend of quite a few of my friends.  She wrote a book about Thai folklore, specially Thai proverbs and has curated a body of work, a book as well as an exhibition of art that seeks to interpret these quaint and quite wise sayings we have heard since we were little and perhaps took forgranted. To read them again - well, let's say I heard a few oooohs and aaaahs and gigles.  Thought provoking it certainly was . .. .

"A strand of hair can hide a mountain" 
mixed tape on paper by Jitsing Somboon

"Walk behind the elders and the dogs won't bite"
Textiles collage by Jakkai Sributr

"Fancy folks with red feet take side steps"
Cowhide and wood by Chusak Srikwan

P'Oh and I did not get so much time to see the exhibition as it one of those openings where we found ourselves constantly engaging in conversation and it was also one of those nights where we had to go to yet another opening at Sirindia Gallery near The Oriental.  Thank goodness for bkk public transport .. .I wonder which proverb would suit that . .  . I think the red feet one probably applies, as you don't see many fancy folk on the BTS even though it is about the most efficient thing ever about this city!

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  1. Doing a search on the net to collect more coverage for the campaign and how lovely to stumble upon your entry :) Thank you for coming ja! I am sorry I didn't have the chance to chat with you that night but I look forward to our next encounter. Tulaya