Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Golden Tiger/Hidden Monkey

I found myself on Monday night, once more at the Jim Thompson House for the opening of Golden Tiger/Hidden Monkey.  The show was described on the invitation as "astrology * art * life * dialogue with Jim Thompson Art Collection".  It was a big affair, not surprising as it is a group show made up of artists with a rather strong following.  In this case, Roj Singhakul of Issue and Pattree Bhakdibutr of Erb . . .along with Kamol Phaosavasdi, Wisut Pooonimit, and Bhubawit Kritpholnara.  The show touches all senses and definitely spoke to astrology, life and art. .  . not a surprise when the Jim Thompson collection includes classical drawings of the 12 animal signs from the early Rattanakosin period (early 19th century).  Well preserved and beautiful, a strong part the show and a good reference point.  

antique drawing of the Rooster

The artists were commissioned to interpret astrology, which if one thinks about it widely - is about life - especially as each sign defines a certain personage and fate.  Patree created a scent for each sign. E.g. Piyatat is a Dragon, his scent was woodier, more wholesome, it was ginger.  I am a Rooster and the scent which defines me is mint with lavender, lighter, more fleeting.  Now, an Erb x Jim Thompson collection of scents for each sign could be so cool . . .

There is even a forest installation that glows with the sounds of the jungle and animals resonating in the darkness, must come back for an astrology reading.

And the models, preserved in a glass box, each look representing a sign, P'Roj referencing again literally his concept/brief, but wow, was it a stunner and oh so effective.  

Even wearable in parts, if one thinks about how the silk was draped, or the very cool patterned leggings.  

fabric (dog)


alive rooster

Let's hope that we get to see a Roj x Jim Thompson silk collection in the near future. . .I would love a set of silk square pillow cases, one for each sign or a light silk sarong of the roosters stars, and its celestial companions the snake, dragon and horse.  The models then walked around the projection and then it was all about the projection itself.  The cartoons were super-cute, so innocent yet secretly complex . . .I liked the race, esp the little girl who starts the race (this piece tells you the story of how the signs put in order and which signs are compatible/incompatible) and the third piece, with the dancing.  Music was played live by the artist himself on a keyboard - genius.  Loved it.

rat at finish line first

Cleo and Nat

As always, it being P'Eric's venue, it was nice to catch up with friends and enjoy the most delicious Thai food.  This time I walked away with a little book that interprets the stars and gives feng shui advice for the year of the golden tiger and hidden monkey which starts on the 4th February 2010.  

Golden Tiger/Hidden Monkey 
will at the Jim Thompson House, Bangkok 
until Feb 2010 

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