Sunday, 20 December 2009


More aliens, more sci-fi . . . this time it was a big fat bash by the river at the out of the way but amaaazing East Asiatic Company's warehouse or Smirnoff's secret warehouse.  The only reason I know of its real name is because we used it for nsha's launch party last year where we converted a warehouse, brought in a shipping container for a gallery, and flew in Jusske, Gary Baseman and a few of our friends.  Nsha was the first to use the space and no one has used it since - not till now . . . .

and it was definitely worth the wait.  Paulie teamed up with the streetwear brand Superrzaapp for an elctrifying party of neon, bright lights, and prisms, the latter made more poignant with hot pink 3d glasses which multiplied bodies and magnified light.  The dj's sat in the cubes, there were 3 of the them and images were projected onto them to make them moving light cubes - especially dramatic with the glasses.  It was FABULOUS, soo dope.

the cube

atmo with glasses

Cleo, Jeed and Tui

Cleo, Vudi and I

Definitely accentauted by the BUCKETs . . . yes, full moon party style plastic buckets . .. filled with vodka x whatever.

Paulie, Cleo and I


It was defo fun - super duper fun . . .  one of the highlights? the climb up the cube, Vudi wins here . . .


N'Him and Cleo

You know its a rocking party when the cops arrive at the end and let you know ever so discretly that the party is OVER . . . absolutely cannot wait till Paulie's "creation".

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