Saturday, 30 January 2010

R.I.P. JD Salinger

Thank you for Holden, Franny and Zooey and to how you profondly influenced the way that we look at the world.  Your works will remain with us forever  . . .Catcher in the Rye remains to this day one of my all time favourite books and opened the door to so many others.

R.I.P. JD Salinger . . . (January 1, 1919 - January 27, 2010)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

We heart Bruce Weber. . .forever and always . . this short film he did for YSL for A/W 10 is no exception.  Quintessentially Bruce Weber . . a erotic but in the most innocent way, as timeless, pure and strong as ever . . .this one is especially intimate and the Bunny Yeager bits take you into another world . . . the world through Bruce Weber's eyes.

Even sweet, tender and cute in some parts. Makes you smile.

A world that is truly free - he captures this . . .there is a quote in the film from "Me and Mr McGee",  "freedom is just another word for having nothing left to lose . . " yes maybe that is why life is so full of joy and hope seen through his eyes.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Order 2010

I wrote an article for Thailand Tatler . . .called New Order 2010.  It's about the hotspots in 2010 and has a little calender at the end.  I'm not saying I am the expert nor a futurologist but it does not take much to notice that there is a "new order" and the circuit has changed.   It was originally in direct reference to Vanity Fair where Thackeray talks about a fair of vanity - the participants attending the fair to increase their knowledge, connections etc . . . a reflection of their vanity.  

Vanity Fair at Yao Noi

This is however a bit sinister though there might be an inkling of truth but what I suggest is that it is no longer about going to parties for the sake of them . . .it is about something more . . .to have an input and take with you a little bit from a collective creative knowledge.  I suppose this was my little insight . . . especially into the lives of some of my dearest friends who in their own way contribute significantly to this little circuit.  Andre and Nat Sarasas . . . our time in Yao Noi with little Cleo was hugely inspring. I hope this year I get to spend more time in Chiang Mai, it is after all our artistic hub and go to the dessert, probably not Essakane this time but maybe Rancho Mirage. In Paris - Andre, OLT and Alex de Betak really add to the place. . . In Bkk - Piyatat for his sublimely beautiful photographs that adorn the streets of Bangkok - very excited for his school R.M.A to open. I cannot wait to see Arnold's new lighting projects and am to this day inspired by the Prada Transformer.  Venice and Basel - always on the circuit. . .and it really was this experience with friends in 2009 . . .the shared moments . . .the funny ones (piggy backs and flood in Venice) and the not so funny ones (missing flights) that I hope will be repeated in 2010.  And we can't forget London - never! 

Now that we are in a new decade. . .it's definitely not a time to kick back and have pina coladas on a island - they say the golden tiger roars and moves things . . .if anything that is what this new order - making things happen and making changes.

Here are some outtakes from that did not make it into New Order 2010 . . . 

Andre, Cleo, Me, Nat
Hong Kong
Rirkrit Tiravanija at Venice
New York

New Order 2010 in Thailand Tatler, January 2010, on newsstands now. 

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have been waiting for this and waiting for this . . the official music video for VCR by The xx . . .truly worth the wait . . . .

As I can listen to the song on repeat for days - the same goes for the video by Marcus Söderlund, conceptual, subtle yet straight to the point . . .left with a sense of loss, nostlagia and pure joy. The constrast of lightness and darkness, the spontenaiety, the fire and the baby chimpanzee - it's dreamy, romantic yet raw . . . I beleive that "we do live life half in the day time and half at night" . . . "and talk about big love" . . .

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

First Spring . . .

by Yang Fudong for Prada. A short film of 9 minutes which is Prada's S/S 2010 campaign - still images from the film will be launched throughout the season. The film/campaign is subtle, nuanced and effective in a way which only Prada is capable of doing where the respect for, love of and use of art is in a realm which only a company with a patron of the arts like Miuccia Prada can achieve.  Prada weaves in its very own language and form - art and fashion, commercial and passion. It is incomparable.

First spring is well paced and with suspense, yet is soft and romantic where every second counts, there is even a touch of humour, the combination of image and sound disables one from wanting to blink or exhale too hard . . . it touches a nerve and recalls a lost time - yet is still starkly minimal and modern.  The men are stuff that fantasies are made of (as a woman) and also that men want to be as the women are like dreams. Fudong manages to direct a film that is most restrained and subtle yet, the art direction is such that the Collection is clear and the details of even the herring bone on a coat or the rivets on the case are plain to see. It is all in the detail . . .I was left with goosebumps and also a sense of longing . . .a longing for a certain time, to be in a certain mood and also to go and buy me a trilby and white brief case . . .

Prada sets the tone and they all seem to follow . . .well, that would be the case as no other label can boast an art foundation like the Fondazione Prada.  According to Jan Kennedy, the Fondazione and Prada the label, since the Transformer will go forth hand in hand . . .  this surely, will continue to surprise and inspire us . . .I am sure of it.

Hello Kitty par Avion

Literally . . . a Hello Kitty airline by EVA Air - totally another level of collaboration.  

Hello Kitty x EVA Air boarding pass

Hello Kitty airplane

plane food Kitty-style

Our favourite little Kitty is 36 this year but I would say definitely in her prime. I love it!

Friday, 15 January 2010


Vampire Weekend's 2nd album is AWESOME . . .makes me feel like I am holiday with the world beat influences yet it's execution is subtle so not over-bearing or cliched, I adore the cheeky lyrics and the layers to the music. Definitely in keeping with a sound which is uniquely their own.  OUT NOW!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Roadtrip into 2010 - Railei

It started with a roadtrip - as all adventures do.  A 12 hour one, dinner in Hua Hin and a little sleepover in Chumporn, a sleepy little province with untouched beaches, a retro resort and 2 twin pugs.  

Then on to Railei to meet Lynn and Stephanie at the Railei Beach Club with my accidental travel buddies Barthelemy and Melchior . . . en route to Phuket but ended up staying in Railei as it is not so shabby.

Stephanie was my guardian angel in Paris when I was living there, incidentally we met on Railei 8 years ago and found out that we had several mutual friends.  

First stop as Chicken Island . . .immaculate sunset.
Stephanie and I
Barthelemy and Melchior
reference "The Endless Summer"

Lynn is like my little sister really.  She fell in love with the "bonfire" (below) and me, I loved the idea of torching the newly developed "walking street" which truly takes away from the soul of Railei . . . it's just not the same . . .thank goodness for the Beach Club, the spectacular scenery, good friends and "buckets".  

The next day was new year's eve . . .where pictures speak louder than words.  . . 
Phra Nang shrine - Goddess worship

a layered sunset - last of 2009

and the last night of 2009 was a full moon (not since 1903 has there been a full moon on NYE), seen here from our kayak . . . Then fire works over the cliffs - utterly sureral, our paper laterns carrying our wishes also went far far way, in fact it was a tough little one, probably because we had Pascale's expert advice and one person manning each corner.

  I did a little dj set . . . then off we went to the darkside for buckets . . . and a dance in a boxing rink!

The rest of the time was as relaxed . . . just what we needed really . ..  fully charged for the year of the Tiger . . . for a new decade.

first sunset of a new decade 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Paris, Texas

This film and this score is from 1984 . . .it is wonderful - utterly nihilistic, surreal, absurd and touching. Natassja Kinski is beautiful, Harry Dean Stanton is so real. Wim Wenders at his best. A mood that inspires me into this new decade that we have entered .

This song, by Ry Cooder, gives me goosebumps, a feeling I cannot describe . . . longing perhaps. . . it inspires me. How classics do not age, nor die and is as relevant now as ever. Then again, I am a fool for contrast, deserts and absurdity.