Wednesday, 20 January 2010

First Spring . . .

by Yang Fudong for Prada. A short film of 9 minutes which is Prada's S/S 2010 campaign - still images from the film will be launched throughout the season. The film/campaign is subtle, nuanced and effective in a way which only Prada is capable of doing where the respect for, love of and use of art is in a realm which only a company with a patron of the arts like Miuccia Prada can achieve.  Prada weaves in its very own language and form - art and fashion, commercial and passion. It is incomparable.

First spring is well paced and with suspense, yet is soft and romantic where every second counts, there is even a touch of humour, the combination of image and sound disables one from wanting to blink or exhale too hard . . . it touches a nerve and recalls a lost time - yet is still starkly minimal and modern.  The men are stuff that fantasies are made of (as a woman) and also that men want to be as the women are like dreams. Fudong manages to direct a film that is most restrained and subtle yet, the art direction is such that the Collection is clear and the details of even the herring bone on a coat or the rivets on the case are plain to see. It is all in the detail . . .I was left with goosebumps and also a sense of longing . . .a longing for a certain time, to be in a certain mood and also to go and buy me a trilby and white brief case . . .

Prada sets the tone and they all seem to follow . . .well, that would be the case as no other label can boast an art foundation like the Fondazione Prada.  According to Jan Kennedy, the Fondazione and Prada the label, since the Transformer will go forth hand in hand . . .  this surely, will continue to surprise and inspire us . . .I am sure of it.

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