Friday, 8 January 2010

Roadtrip into 2010 - Railei

It started with a roadtrip - as all adventures do.  A 12 hour one, dinner in Hua Hin and a little sleepover in Chumporn, a sleepy little province with untouched beaches, a retro resort and 2 twin pugs.  

Then on to Railei to meet Lynn and Stephanie at the Railei Beach Club with my accidental travel buddies Barthelemy and Melchior . . . en route to Phuket but ended up staying in Railei as it is not so shabby.

Stephanie was my guardian angel in Paris when I was living there, incidentally we met on Railei 8 years ago and found out that we had several mutual friends.  

First stop as Chicken Island . . .immaculate sunset.
Stephanie and I
Barthelemy and Melchior
reference "The Endless Summer"

Lynn is like my little sister really.  She fell in love with the "bonfire" (below) and me, I loved the idea of torching the newly developed "walking street" which truly takes away from the soul of Railei . . . it's just not the same . . .thank goodness for the Beach Club, the spectacular scenery, good friends and "buckets".  

The next day was new year's eve . . .where pictures speak louder than words.  . . 
Phra Nang shrine - Goddess worship

a layered sunset - last of 2009

and the last night of 2009 was a full moon (not since 1903 has there been a full moon on NYE), seen here from our kayak . . . Then fire works over the cliffs - utterly sureral, our paper laterns carrying our wishes also went far far way, in fact it was a tough little one, probably because we had Pascale's expert advice and one person manning each corner.

  I did a little dj set . . . then off we went to the darkside for buckets . . . and a dance in a boxing rink!

The rest of the time was as relaxed . . . just what we needed really . ..  fully charged for the year of the Tiger . . . for a new decade.

first sunset of a new decade 2010

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