Monday, 31 August 2009

Betak Magic

I found this showreel last week - I saw the beginnings of it last summer when I was in Paris and Alex showed it to me . . . this however, is the completed one and very up-to-date - his most sublime and beautiful works.  

Alex founded Bureau Betak years ago and is truly a visionnaire with a point of view and aesthetic which is uniquely his.  It is a fantastical, incredibly sleek and wonderously mysterious world that he creates - so inspiring. There have been shows I have been to where I was so overwhelmed by the experience and the beauty that I got goosebumps on my body and tears in my eyes, Dior Couture A/W 2005 with the carriage and Jorando and Hussein Chalayan S/S 2007 with the moving/morphing dresses come to mind. Sublime.

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