Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Corto Cassette . . . play now.

Yes, I pranced around with a patent bubble gum orange one during Paris fashion week in March and I rocked up in Rome for bvlgari with a gold lame one . .. Gabe has just dropped the grand news that this baby is going to be available in pink nappa . .. I already have mine on hold, so does Princess Nantaya (n'tui) . . . I absolutely cannot wait to pick mine up this fall . . . did I mention it comes in many many different colours, you can almost have one for everyday of the week. I love that John Lin uses the Lemon one . . .
For those who do not know, Corto Moltedo is the very hot, coveted luxury bags label by Gabrielcorto Moltedo, who's family owned Bottega Veneta before selling it a while back. Gabe has the legacy and definitely the savoir faire when it comes to bags.

Gabe in front of his shop

His flagship is in the Jardins du Palais Royale and there is a summer pop-up in the Galerie Lafayette. Gabe has a very loyal following . . .yours truly included . . I am the Corto ambassadress for Thailand after all (hit me up if you are in Thailand and want a bag or two). . . so I might be a little biased but you can't deny that the Cassettes rock. . . .

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