Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Roman Holiday . . .

What I did not know is that my sejour in Florence would last not 4 days but 2 weeks and would include a last minute 24 hours in Rome with Corto (Gabe), for the 125th Bulgari anniversary.  

Gabe and I
So it was not really a Roman Holiday as that would imply more time to spend there but it felt like a holiday alright.  We arrived and installed ourselves in a little hotel in the Campo de Fiori, did a bit of strolling . . .
perhaps a bit out of place with the smoking jacket, floor length tie dyed dress and giant gold Corto cassette clutch . . . but hey, we were were in Rome! I WAS SO EXCITED!
So we went to the Bulgari cocktail at an exhibition space, it was extraordinary - magnificent jewellry, Elisabeth Taylor's collection was there as well as lots and lots of other precious bits.  I totally totally dug the bulgari coins . . .I think they were from Cleopatra. 
Bulgari coins
Also met some really nice people . . .  Matteo's cousin Alessandro who Matteo said looked like a younger version of him - very true and Matteo's friend Alessia, who's family were throwing the party.  There was a friend of Alessia's I had met 2 years ago too as apparently I jumped (does that mean hijack?) into his water taxi in Venice! How embarrassing . . . and what a small world.

Gabe and I were then waved into one of the cars to be taken to Dinner at the Castello d'Angello - yes the big castle with the moat in the centre of Rome.  
Castello d'Angelo

Gabe and Bruno from Brazil
It was sublime, the lighting, the banquet, and drinks were on the "rooftop" with an angel.  The Bulgaris know how to throw a party - for sure.

Angel on the rooftop
After the castle we ended up in the gardens of the Hotel de Russie, Gabe chatting with Jessica Alba and me with knowledgeable british press and later Jessica's friend Jonathan from LA, he was so lovely.  There was a point really when we should have left as at a certain point vodka on the rocks however diluted meant that we would regret it tomorrow.  So we made the most of it and suffered pretty badly the next day.  Gabe, Bruno (Gabe's friend from Brazil that we spent the day with, adorable adorable - love the Brazilians) and I strolled around . . . Gabe dared me to jump into the fountain at the Piazza d'Espagna . . .I did . . .sort of. . .

cold water

kinda silly

Gabe and I
We bumped into the lovely Jess Alba once more, this time it was her turn to recognise Gabe as the little feature he did in Vanity Fair was just out, picture shot by Bruce Weber and all.  I wonder if Jessica ever uses her black Susan bag, I hope she does.  Anyhow, we had lunch at Bolgnese which is apparently the lunch spot in Rome, the food was alright, it was the fruitini for dessert though that rocked my mind.  
Bruno was spot on . .. we then wondered around listlessly for the rest of the day, the Roman summer is glorious. 
naughty napkins - i adored these!
It is not hard to site see in Rome as the city is so grand and majestic, all you have to do is keep your eyes open. . .
 Gabe and Bruno
part of me really wanted to stay to hang out one more night in Rome, more Bulgari (yes, really) and well, the Hollywood contigency did invite us to some show they were watching but seeing how we felt and well, how much fun we had already, 

the best lemonade in the world to be found here

we managed to jump on a train and go back to Florence  . . . .my first adventure in Rome ... can't wait to go back.

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