Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The month of June - Part 3 - Paris pit-stop

Paris pit-stop before home, should have really stayed in Basel seeing as I spent the day with John Lin, who was en route there and we would have done the Gabe/John/Dee/Davide thing that was Padova in Basel but no I was in Paris.  Lovely day with John and went to choose my Corto bag of the season, well, of the summer, I chose the Brown Phython Elisabeth, it was definitely hot and definitley subtle at the same time (many pics of me with this bag to follow). I also loooooove this white one too.

My Paris days were just about thinking my whole month through, seeing old friends, just basically, chilling. THAT WAS A REASON in itself.  Where else can you stroll down to a cafe and sit for hours like in Paris? 
I had an impromptu and lovely dinner with my old friend Stephanie Betant, Stephy has great friends, we had a hilarious dinner. . . at Cafe de l'epoque, great food, great atmosphere.  Yummy chocolate mousse.

My friend Frantz Braha of Lacoste was also in town so met up with him too.

My last day in Paris was lovely, strolling, coffee . . .

Love this window - Pink Goyard + Pink Piggies!!!!

and this . . .
 Quite funny and sweet.

usual catch up with the ever-so-cool and very sweet Guillaume Salmon, who made it clear that my recent taking to smoking rollies with American Spirit tobacco was the most unfeminine thing I could do EVER.  Hehe.  

Then hanging with Matteo of Casa Carracia in the 7th and a lovely 2 hours spent sitting a the Flore . . . only in Paris where you can sit and watch the world go by and have old friends walk in by accident and end up sitting down with you . . .in my case it was Christian Liagre and Ramdane! Christian who designed Societe down the road and is now renovating a home in the 7th and Ramdane just back from Basel where he had designed the costumes for Il Tempo Postino.  

My last dinner in Paris where I ended up alternating between 2 dinners. . . with intimate friends and then with a good friend and his friends was at Fidelite.  The latter being dinner with Andre, also fresh off the plane from Basel for dinner with me and Paulo Bronco, the film producer of over 200 films, he is one of Andre's faves.  Yes, the guy is a genius and understands the idea of multi-disciplinary everything - I was blown away . . . Thanks Andre.  So maybe September in Portugal. . .

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