Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Boys have all the fun . . .

They really do . . .I went to a store today - one of Nat Sarasas' spots - in Siam Square - a bit hidden, off the beaten-track . . . it is what I would describe as the ultimate dandy's spot in the most lowkey, off-beat way  - does not try too hard - it is just itself . . . No surprise really, the owner, or "Master" as he is known to some is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable men I have ever met - on pretty much everything but probably more poingnantly on subculture and its implications (see Nat's latest blog entry on this topic).  It is subtle, it is genuine, it is the result of passion and gives truth to the idea that once a collector always a collector.  He even knows this kid who makes hats in NYC, Frenel Morris of Still Life in the Lower East Side . . best hats - really . . . my fave is the woven riding cap that he made me . . .The "master" also had a story to every piece of clothing or accessory in his store.  I loved that he said, you don't pick the shades, the shades have a way of picking you . . .you bet I was beaming as I had on a pair of vintage Cazal frames when I heard that :)

Well, it made me envious of what boys can wear . . .

I have always worn boys' clothes, oversized shirts as dresses, shorts in smaller sizes hung off my hips - today I wore a men's YSL silk tunic - a light safari jacket inspired cut with jodphurs, the tunic cinched with a metal hoop belt, who would've thought it was a man's shirt, it just hangs - the way a tunic should.  Then again it was Monsieur Saint Laurent who created Le Smoking suit in 1966 thus empowering women with the option of wearing a suit which was not possible before. (Incidentally it was also the opening of the YSL store in Bangkok - first flagship but accesories only.)

YSL Le Smoking by Helmut Newton

I tried on shirt after shirt, alas not buying anything as I need the shirt length just that little bit longer.

Even shoes, I love brogues but not the boy meets girl type - I have one pair, Dolce Gabbanna brogues from years back, made for a woman without sacrificing the details that makes a man want brogues.  How I get so sad when the dopest AF1's only come in boys' sizes and the only Visvim mocassins I can get in my size are in tokyo and are often sold out .  . so yes, boys have a lot of fun . . . I suppose we do too, we have heels and jewellry and handbags . .. yet, I am as excited about my colette timbo's as I am about Nicholas Kirkwood's new collection of shoes . . .does that make me strange? I think not, I know Giovanna Battaglia has her shirts made in the best shirtmakers in Milan and she is one of the most beautiful, best dressed women I have ever met (you can go ask the Sartorialist about that) . . . So yeah, a nice balance is good.

This made to measure boardshort event at american rag is testament to the fact that boys do have more fun . . .why is there not a made to measure bikini evening for girls? For the 50th anniversary of Katin . . . a boardshort brand . . .the 84 year old Japanese lady Sato Hughes who was the seamstress came out of retirement for a one night only - made to measure session for the brand.

Oh well, I suppose the boys need the cool boardshorts to surf better and look hot on the beach to win the hottest chic. . . and the most suave and elegant of gentlemen needs his fine shirt and custom made suit and shoes to win the most beautiful lady in his day.  What follows I suppose is that the most feminine of females will make any male get-up her own and still remain a woman(Coco Chanel paved the way a long time ago and Yves Saint Laurent gave us the Smoking and Saharienne) and thus win the man of her dreams . . . 

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