Friday, 17 July 2009

NOT so THAi food . . .in Bangkok

Yes, we are so spoilt with GOOD food in this country . .. the list in the last post does not include all the curious little dessert and snack spots around town . . .and let's not kid anyone - the not Thai food around here is pretty good as well. . . I ate at Ember the other night- delicious  - flawless except for the fact that I ate too much . .  Eugenia has really improved . . . . and I love my weekly rendez-vous with Piyatat the photographer - either Katsu Ichi or Tapas Cafe. . . kurubata pork with cheese - ain't nuthin like it or the jamon at Tapas . . . oh and then there is Eat Me - aside from the cheeky name . . the food is fabulous . . .I dream about the lentil, beetroot and feta cheese salad and the sticky toffee pudding . . .oh and that chocolate vodka shot. That list of "foreign" restaurants that we frequent and love is pretty exhaustive . . . these are just the ones that I go to all the time . . .let's not forget the old-time faves . . . that's for another day completely . . .I think of the spaghetti pomodoro and the Zanotti pizza (parma ham with marscapone) from Vino Zanotti (the diffusion resto of Zanotti)never fails to make me so happy. The truffle foccacia at Biscotti . . .The food recently at La Scala has been really very very good as well. The mergeuz frites at Indigo and the salmon in filo at La Bouchon . . .And this is just from the top of my head . . my brain is playing hunger tricks on me now thinking about all this food!

The fact that I am not drinking alcohol for Buddhist Lent has convinced me that I can consume more calories in food . . .who am i kidding?? Thank goodness that Kit called me yesterday and said" P'Chom - I'm shooting you next week for my portrait book - you better look good" . . .oh well . . . i suppose that saying "a second on your lips is a life time on your hips" has some truth.  Thank goodness for ashtanga yoga and surfing this weekend! Food can wait . . .

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