Saturday, 4 July 2009

Interval in Bangkok/Samui (the original)

So after paradise, reality will deal a complete blow, I came back from Bali to my last days as Creative Director of nsha, it was sad, but necessary, in the midst of drama that accompanies any break up, Bangkok still manages to whip up a surprise or two . . .Thanks to Nat Sarasas - Andre was in Bkk for the Belvedere IX party - that was a BLAST - Jeed posted the best pics on his blog a while back.  

concentrating really hard

another pose

It was my my first intro into the life of Nat and friends - nice intro.  Those guys are dope, they are away this weekend, I kinda miss them already - wish I could be in Phuket and get everyone on surfboards! But then again watching Roddick v. Murray live at Wimbledon on TV is not so bad either.  Anyhow the Belevedere party and the days after were pure fun . . . I took Andre before the party to one of my favourite spots Le Lys for yummy Thai food, that was my last time at the original spot as it has now moved.  The next couple of days were a blur . . . in the best way possible.


Andre and I

Just when I thought finally I would stay put, after the weekend, my very good friend Yui Olivia of Olivia diamonds needed a break and kidnapped me to Samui . .. Powpow was there too for work.  We stayed at our friend Gene's hotel, Muang Kulaypan, I still love that place, very serene but still cool, love how it has not aged since the first time I went there 10 years ago. 

Gardens of Muang Kulaypan

Gene is another childhood friend, we met in England whilst still doing our GCSE's, he is an artist, a musician to be exact, Little Fox.  He used to sing Smashing Pumpkin songs to me on the phone when were in school . . . great voice and great style.

Gene with his new pipe

Gene's dog Charlotte drinking water from my glass!

Gene is still playing music, he is taking care of his own little slice of paradise with his father and has found another vocation in making tea, his own blend of Chai Tea, Little Fox's Chai, it's lovely, very aromatic, it's especially good when he prepares it for you.  I intended to make my own mix of lemongrass something or another but it did not happen . . . I think he should host another folk and poetry reading night like he did some time ago at the Discovery Museum near the flower market.


Yui and Pow
Yui and I
Pow and friends

It was NICE.  Yui totally needed a break, she is one of the best jewellry designers in the city and works really hard, sun and sea were good for her.  

I absolutely adore her jewellery, will post some up here later.  Olivia Diamonds is totally the spot here in Bkk, I particularly love the diamond piggies and the diamond bracelets.

Gene and I went out one night with Tant's parents - that was really so much fun. . I must say that her father gave me very good advice, he said GO - JUST GET AWAY and then you will figure it out . . .So glad we ended up having drinks on a terrace rather than getting on a boat to Phanghan for the full moon party - that would have been a mission! 

Anyhow, reality hit after my little break in Samui where I realised that even though my life was great fun, I was in a bit of a quagmire, no job, no income and  . . .no boy, and apart from writing, I was not sure what I wanted to do . . . so after the customary sulking, I realised I needed to get out of it fast and would do whatever it takes. . . thus I went away, far away from Bkk, I went to Italy. . . so props to the support of family and friends who said go away if you have the chance, explore and just go with the flow . . . I went to Florence . . . and that was the first stop of what would become my little European tour of 2009.

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