Thursday, 30 July 2009

Once Upon a Time in Paris Fashion Week - Part III - the arm and more

The day of the Stockman mannequin arm . . Nsha bought a stockman mannequin and a stuffed arm for fittings.. . it became our toy from the Ruc up to L'Opera to see Moncler-Valli . . .very funny especially with Saloni - all arms and legs in her very hot zipper skirt with Susan and myself with the giant hot orange corto cassette clutch all of us in heels too high to be walking in the daytime - hitting each other with an "arm" . . .classic.

Susan, the arm and Saloni

Not sure what our French passerbyers might have thought - rather strange sight I think it was.

Saloni and I

Saloni was in Paris to show her collection as well - her label is called Saloni and she showed it at the ultimate pad in the Marais - stunning duplex. Her small but collection was well beautiful - I loved it. The zipper skirt in the pics are from the aw 09 collection, I think I ordered a white one - BTW SAL - WHERE IS MY ZIPPER SKIRT? The collection should be hitting the stores very soon if it has not already - you get kind of spoilt wearing next seasons goods during fashion week. We all become life models of the clothes for our friends. . .


Moncler was an installation in the dungeons/underground of the Opera Garnier - produced by Alex de Betak - the colletion was a collaboration between Giambasta Valli and Moncler. I know Alex worked hard on the installation - he missed my bday the night before. . . the moment I entered I knew why - it was magical, a snow palace with real horses, it felt like I had walked in a great Russian romance novel.

Snow Fountain at Moncler-Valli

A room made by lights

That night we congretated at Fidelite, the english crew anyway . . of which i sort of am still member . . . Nish came along with me to Fidelite and I went with her to Neo.

Nishita and I

Nishita and DJ Sinatra

I have not been to Neo since at least 3 years ago, teenage models and young euro men . . . not my thing really so as soon as Canon arrived I left to Montana . . .

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