Friday, 24 July 2009

Once Upon a Time in Paris Fashion Week - part I - nsha, Ploi and I

March 2009
Paris Fashion Week
No, I was not an observer, yes, I wish I went to more shows but actually this was in the recent past when I was directing Nsha so we were there for work! We were showing our 3rd season in Paris at Tranoi, which had a rather depressing atmosphere this time because the recession and all, but-for my very entertaining assistant Ploi it would have been pretty miserable . . .  

nsha booth at Tranoi


After the Salon was done, my partner Nishita and I moved the collection to our very cute St. Honore apartment on top of a patisserie that claims to serve the Elysee thus Monsieur President himself.  We were just happy with the smell of fresh bread every morning and buyers and editors coming through to view the collection was like have a tea party everyday . . . and so far as effectiveness was concerend, we did much better with our private little showroom on rue St Honore. 

What I did not know back then was that this collection at Nsha would be my last, go figure, I did call it Fountainhead, after the book, where else was I to go really if Dominique Francon and Howard Roark inspired the collection - my plan for SS 10 was Astronauts in Africa, so space, literally and figuratively speaking . . .(more on this later). 

It was also Ploi's last collection with Nsha as she left to pursue her music career, she has an awesome band called The Diet Pills, nu rave/electro clash/a bit of disco - very very cool yet cute at the same time. . .I adore it . . .particularly the song Freaky Friend. . .so catchy.  At the time though Daniella (of Issa) and Susan got pretty excited by their hit single at the tie "Don't Under estimate the Power of the Diet Pills" . . perfect for a fashion show no?

A behind the scenes pic from the AW 09 book - we shot it in Bkk, but the mood was rather appropriate for Paris if I do say so myself . . .The book was done by Piyatat Hematat, his first fashion campaign, styled by Polina Aronova with model Nadia Serlidou- I was very hapy with the results. . . (I'll post the pics later).

Piyatat, Nadia (in the Catherine coat) and Polina

Back to Tranoi - the days were long though - really really long . . . how happy were Ploi and I to get back to our apartment and eat salad and pasta . . we just had no vital force left, although we did manage to be out . . MOST NIGHTS. . .

A memorable night was that of the Cavalli party - did not think they threw parties like that anymore . . I thought Ploi would go hug the bear . . . or do SOMETHING . . .

Ploi and Cavalli bears

Me feeding bears
but no, Lady Bunny was there, so there was no need for dramatics!
Lady Bunny

We then went to Gabe's for one of his famous dinners. . .Everyone wanted to try on the Howard blazer (on Ploi) and the Catherine (on me) . .. .I never mean to usurp Gabe's house to a fashion show . . it just happens most sea :) they suit his bags so well though that I think no one really minds . . .impromptu fashion shows - always fun.  
Vicky, Susan and I

John (not missable with yellow cassette clutch), Ploi and Mark

John, Daniella and Ploi

Gabe, Dani Stahl and John 

then I think we went to Regine after - more like stumbled there. . .wow . . . that is what i mean . . the nights all merged into one . . what party it was that night - I do not remember . . .

Lara Bohinc, Susan, Ploi and Alexia

PLOI (with Susan in the background)

It was hard to be out without a clock ticking as we knew that the next day we would have to be at Tranoi, on your feet to a dead beat which was the fair is well, not fun . . but we did it . . . 

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