Monday, 13 July 2009

nsha x baseman . . .

So Chichi of La Clique blogged about this little collaboration of mine in her fantastic blog for Colette - thanks Chichi (Chichi is amaazing - love Chichi - check out her photographs too - my faves are the dayscapes)! So here it is . . .nsha x baseman

Nsha is the label that Nishita Shah and I started, I was the creative director and whilst I was there we did a little collaboration with artist Gary Baseman who I ADORE, after Gary came over to Bkk for the Nsha Launch last October, we talked about it a bit then, some more in Miami during Miami Basel (this is where Gary and I actually met 4 years ago!) and well, and I am thrilled with the results -  a set of limited edition bikinis, swimsuits and boardshorts for girls and guys, though we kept the guys' boardshorts to only 50 and girls' to 80.  There are 150 bikinis and 60 swimsuits in 2 patterns . .  . . .I've cheated and tested them out already and I looove them . . . there is Chouchou which is the orange little guy.


and then Hot Cha Cha in electric blue on black . . It is sooo dope.  


Not to get all the technical on you but the bikinis fit so good, I mean, I can go surfing in them and they don't fly off, I chose top grade polyamide for it and the boardshorts are dope too - light weight but falls well . . thus it is the only bit of nsha that I have kept and is kinda the little baby that will being launching. . .somewhere very soon . . . Chichi is right, we are keeping mum about this till further notice . . .I shall keep you posted  . . in the meantime yes, that's me in the bikini . . !

middle of the sea - Samui

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