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Despite the title of this post and my numerous ramblings about food, it would suffice to say that I am NOT A FOODIE. Although, it would also be safe to say that I loooove food and I am pretty lucky that I have some serious foodie friends. . . the other night I was taken by one of them, a lovely Korean lady, Soon and our mutual friend Yeop, to Bo.lan . . . I did not really know what to expect and I have to say that it totally blew my mind - delicious and very clever . . . I ate recently at David Thompson's Nahm in London and that was fantastic and these kids, they look young - barely 30 . . . are his protege's and I should imagine would make David Thompson proud.

amuse bouche
must eat from left to right - for ideal sensation

Quintessentially Thai, some of the elements reminding me of dishes my great grandma used to make but its execution was modern yet seamless in the way that it upheld everything traditional - the ingredients, the selection, the purity of the dishes. The choice of two types of organic rice specifying their province of origin was great too. That's what our rice farmers need . . .support :)
olive chilli relish w/squid (behind)
and egg plant salad with prawns

beef panaeng

The first dessert (yes, there were 2 rounds) was SENSATIONAL . . .

dessert 1
tub tim krob with giant lychees - yummy
. . . The Balance menu was pretty close to perfect. I would recommend Bo.lan to anyone and might even take my parents soon. . . . . .so here are my picks - not necessary in this order, i mean once you get to the top five, it depends on your mood really which one is at the top. This post means that I can divert friends or friends of friends over here rather than rummage through my thoroughly disorganised email archives for restaurants recommendations . . . here goes . .

1) Chot Chitr - I have been craving the banana blossom salad, small, old school, 90 years old, 5 tables and family run. I looove. In old bangkok and a hidden a bit but really an institution . . . and well worth the trek . . . like eating in somone's dining room - thai style. Oh and some of the dishes in there, well, it's like eating my nanny's food (more on that later), particularly the gaeng som. Tamarind prawns are delicious as was the Lon Naem (curry dip thing), . . they are famous for their endless dishes with their "well rounded" flavours.

2) In Love - for the snowfish with mango salad, the view of the river, the swarms of catfish in the river and well, the food is yummy and just soo lovely to be out there. I also love the area, Tha Tawed . . .

3) Le Lys - for the duck paneang and the gaeng liang . . . they moved now, hope it's as cute as it was in Narathiwat soi 7 . . . it's owned by a french guy and his Thai wife and has been around for years, wine list is pretty good and it is truly time home cooking.

4) Taling Pling - I have been going there since AGES since it is across from where Mum works . . the best poached pork with lemon and guy lan - EVER, fresh spring rolls and lemongrass salad . . .makes me hungry just to think about it. The flourless chocolate cake is not so shabby either. The branch in Silom is much much better than Central World though.

5) Bo.lan . . .need I say more?

Then more on the street casual side - Jae Gee fried chicken - for the chicken and fried garlic - I've been munching on this chicken with garlic and the E-sarn salads (som tum, bamboo shoots soup etc) since i was a child, it's an old favourite. Lastly, Thai seafood, another category in itself, for that, I like Baan Klang Nam . . giant prawns, oyster omelette, the BEST steamed seabass with chilli and lime and prawn phad thai (without noodles).

Of course there is also my nanny's cooking (in Thailand it is normal to have a nanny even though we are all grown - she's family) - she always tells me she does not like to cook but com'on - she's AWESOME . . .the bestest chicken krapow in the world, nam prik pla tu (chilli paste with mackerel) and her chicken green curry is second to none. Then again though, many many Thai kids will say the same about their nannies . . . i'm biased . . .

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