Thursday, 2 July 2009

Interval in Bkk

Europe took a while to recover from, it was hard to resurface to see people again. . . and to do that was to explain what I was doing as I suppose the world is such that everyone needs a title for you especially in your hometown!  I was definitely not ready . . . .nor was I ready to write again . . . Thank goodness for Lynn and her Trust Fun project, P'Oh and the Jazz project which I am writing the foreward for and being an ambassadress for Corto Moltedo. Well, also the only bit of nsha I retained and what MADAME CHICHI has in mind. Can't seem to stray too far from fashion now.
So yes, there are nsha x baseman bikinis that are just waiting to be launched . . . .this is how they look like . . . 

I think that it deserves a proper proper launch . . . Gary is a dear friend and an imaginative artist with skills and a great sense of humour.  I will need to do something really good for him.   
So my return to bkk was about sleep sleep sleep and more sleep with the occasional fun activity . .. in this case, it was Piyatat Hematat's (P'Oh) new Jazz project . . . he has been commissioned to do a series of works to include pictures of live performers . . . the one night I was there last week, an old-school drummer from an infamous Thai band got up and stage and jammed with the little quartet.  It was so fly! And did I mention the saxophonist was just so amazing . .. more to come on this tip.  He is photographing the band at the new Jazz Gallery just of Khao San, the owners are real jazz and music enthusiasts and has patroned P'Oh to work on this series as well as publish a book . . . pics to come.  I really admire P'Oh as a photographer, he is honest with his own serene and unique point of view - it is sharp yet not intimidating but by no means soft, his works understand the relationship btw light and darkness, he is great with shadows.  I shall post some pics up later. . . . my faves are from a series called Civilsation and not to mention the Fountainhead lookbook/campaign he did for nsha.

Backdrop for Civilsation

Trustfun is my sis Lynn's thing in Singapore, they throw parties and events, it's a new thing but they are doing very good so far.  It's AWESOME, we skype all the time about which artists to bring and well, all those ideas have come down planning a music festival, international of course, but that is for the future, for now, Lynn will be throwing some sick parties . .. .  I am very proud of her I must say . . . fun fun fun! 

The other big "event" was umm, Tant's bday, now that was FUN . . . and the odd nights spent at Falla Bella.  

N'Tant a couple nights before her party . . .

I have recently made a new group of friends, it is recent, after nsha, so since about April, they are an entourage and I feel like the new girlie member - these kids are great - positive, AMAZING taste and NOT too cool for school nor are they haters like a lot of kids who have cool up their bums and are annoying.  It's been really fun.   Nat Sarasas is kinda like the Vincent Chase of the lot is fantastic, he has VISION, real vision and the means to execute this vision.  I am really impressed with his new project on Koh Kood and also what he wears everyday!  He has a Turtle in the entourage who is Jeed, he is the sneakerhead - hi blog is DOPENESS - another one with great taste and soo many kicks.  Then there are Vudi and Tay, I suppose they are like Drama and Eric? Nice kids generally. 

 P'Nat and N'Tui

Another new friend is Cleo Le Tan I was introduced to Cleo by Andre and she is working here in bkk but we actually met at the coat check at Montana during the shows in March, she has become like another little sister (I have now like 5 "little sisters") . . .  she's a riot and uber intelligent.

Cleo and I

I say interval here because I am never quite sure how long I will spend in Bkk at any given time . . . but this was a good one, strange and a different pace, especially from bouncing around Europe and 18 months of nsha. . . I am ready for it now and rather like it, this going with the flow and pulling together my strengths. . . it's harder but hey, whoever said it would be EASY?

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