Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Trustfun divergence

I mentioned earlier that my little sis, Lynn in Singapore started a party organising company called Trustfun. ..  I know Lynn and know that there was no way it could not have rocked. . . she is throwing throwing a party this weekend. I SO SO WISH that I could make it  . .. com'on, it's called The Shackadelic Summer of Love and is a party on the beach . . . 

Looks so cute, reminds me of something out of Little Darlings with Tatum O'Neal and Matt Dillon . . . innocent summer love.

On that note, summer and summer love and all of that, there's not much summer here in Bkk. . . I find it hard to believe that I am in here, first time in a long time - shocking how rainy it is . . .then again it is the beginning of Buddhist Lent when the monks remain in the temples and not do their daily morning rounds.  This is the first time in a long time that I am not in Paris this time of year, it is Couture week and really without doubt the best time to be there . . .  apart from the fashion stuff which is exquisite, well there is a lot of al fresco dining, the usual bbq at Gabe's and that fun gathering of everyone from all over the place again.  Sigh. .. . 

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