Monday, 27 July 2009

Once Upon a Time in Paris . . . Part II - Fashion Week BirthdayBaby

And of course my birthday fell during the shows and thus this time I was a fashionweek baby, haha.  Well, that was a treat, the first night of my B-day celebration was having very delicious Japanese food at Kai, although the owner insisted that his food was very very serious and that his restaurant is not a cafe, thus we could not be rowdy, well . . . little chance of that.  Food was very yummy and apologies to Kai that we were so enthusiastic. We kind of overdid the ordering and ended up with a cake box of tempura to take back to the apt which was 5 steps away.  We then all jammed into Mark's Cayenne, me and Ploi in the trunk (my usual spot in SUV's during fashion week) and on we went to the Ritz(fashion centrale and would make any fashion student or victim cry with joy as everyone was there) but my agenda was more personal . . .the drinks at Hemingway and well, my birthday countdown to a personal little raspberry tart which Nish managed to miraculously convince/bribe the bartenders to give me. Only Nishita would be able to manage that - she's amazing at making the seemingly impossible - possible. . . What was nice about that night was that all our old friends were there, that I did not expect to see - Giovanna Battaglia was one of them . . . and well, it was my "UK crew" so Daniella, Susan, Hannah, Lara and Ben etc + Nish and Ploi. . .Then to Regine for Tommy Saleh's party . . .See Tranoi had finished on Sunday which meant that well, apart from the showroom in the apt, Ploi and I were free from booth minding.

Monday was about changing the apt around - Ploi had gone to London and Nishita had nsha-related meetings.  Polina came to spend the day with me and the night was the real festivity although with so much going on, I was extremely late. . . the evening started at the Corto Moltedo boutique in the Jardins du Palais Royale for cocktails.  Corto had just recently opened his store in the Jardins des Palais Royale, if you know Corto, or Gabe to his friends, you realise that to enter into the boutique in the Galerie Valois of the Jardins is to enter his braind and his very view of the world.  Then to Colette I went with Polina where sniffing on a model with no shirt was what you had to do for the Fantastic Man perfume launch - bumped into some acquaintances there, Florent who stuck me in his blog for nsha and Chris Simmonds and Will Davidson who did the previous nsha campaigns. Po also introduced me to a wonderful lady called Anja - Russian lady, super duper chic, she rolled through to look at nsha during the week as well.  

Lady Bunny had invited me to Scott Lipman's beautiful loft for drinks . . .so my pre bday drinks were there and I dragged Polina with me - Bunny is wonderful, her energy and her friends were tres interesting, the host Scott, Micky boardman and Diane Pernet . . eccentric ny.  

So i was kinda late for my dinner at Fidelite, 
The table - Guillaume and Matteo

Mark and Daniella 

Nishita and Matteo

Polina and Julien

grand wait but great friends with the introduction of a new friend, a robot called Kallinka and a surprise pain perdu cake which John fed to me in search of the perfect photo op. 

John and I

The robot and I

the Pain Perdu cake with sparkly candles

John feeding me cake

After that was Stella's party and the stumble from rue st guiallaume or whatever it was to the Flore . . .it was a funny funny walk - Saloni's Flip was witness to this,  .  .a las . . .the night ended at Mobtana - the first night of my 28th year. I was the most tired, sleepy and grumpy bday girl if there ever was one.  

Hannah Bhuiya

Xerxes and Erica

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