Tuesday, 28 July 2009

And girls have diamond rings . . .

to look forward too . . . diamonds are a girl's best friend after all . . . that does not change . . .

The  little piggy ring made of diamonds with ruby eyes at Olivia Diamonds counts as rocks, for sure . . . how cute is he?

I also adore the little monkeys and animals . . . .

Yui of Olivia Diamonds makes the dopest jewellry, beautiful and incredibly diverse, her shop is like a treasure chest - so many stories and themes . .. she promised that she will do a lookbook soon.  I always imagine one that has titles like Animal Farm, the Odysee, Treasure Island, skulls and bones, Alice in Wonderland as there are diamond crusted skulls, rainbow serpents, diamond gardenias, jewelled tiger rings, huge sapphire rectangular drop earrings, jewelled black bow brooches as well as simple diamond chains - so simple, yet sooo chic. .. . 

Yui has a wild imagination and her atelier has great workmanship and rocks of course. . .. I love going to her shop at Gaysorn Plaza to sit and chat to her and her sister as well whilst having boat noodles from Provence, the restaurant in front. 

Yui did fashion design at the London College of Fashion then came back to Thailand to start her own jewellry label some years ago, it was evident that her flair was in jewellry - not a surprise as she has been designing and been around it since she was a child, her family having a gold boutique and all . .. now it has definitely become a spot to visit in Bangkok and indeed Yui is growing to be the grand dame of all things that sparkle that are still edgy and relevant.  There is so much in her store - so much so that all those precious stones look less sparkly and less precious but indeed every little bit in there is PRECIOUS - Yui reinforces her idea that well, jewels should be an everyday thing!  

The sqaure cut big black diamond ring surrounded by white diamonds will be mine sooooon . .. .

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