Saturday, 1 August 2009

Old School Bkk . . . the way it should be

I admit - I hyped it up - hyped it up BIG - Chotechitr as the best Thai restaurant ever, after much organising with the Entourage . . .well, Nat's that is . . .we made it across town . . .and Chotechitr was closed!  
Oops . . . we found another spot next to the old school mango and sticky rice place Gor Phanitch and thank goodness I was saved by the food. . . . really.
Nat and Vudi

A Thai delicacy that looks like macarons in soup!

Vudi and Tay

I just figured out that Tay does have his own show . .. it's called Gossip Girl and he is Chuck Bass . . .the Bangkok version of Chuck that is :)

then some exploring on Phra Athit Road. . . .

mini roti at the very old school Roti Mataba

RAMA VIII bridge

my fave little bar that pays homage to James Dean and Marilyn Monroe with Frozen cocktails - we had cream soda shakes . . .

Change of atmosphere was much needed . . . . 

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