Tuesday, 8 September 2009

To See is To Believe - Six Senses Hideaway, Yao Noi

There are somethings that require getting on a plane, a car in the rain, a boat through turbulent sea and arriving, to really see, feel and truly appreciate the beauty and meticulous thought and attention to detail that has gone into an undertaking. . .  that is for me the case of Six Senses Hideaway, Yao Noi where to be there is the only way to experience how amazing the place is.  Cleo spent the better part of our plane ride trying to describe it to me and P'Nat had tried also to explain it and came to the resolve that I had to go there.  They were right - it was what I expected and much much more - on another level in fact.

The pier in the storm

It was a very spontaeneous weekend -  Andre's idea, who was in Singpaore for Le Baron business and suggested  a Phuket weekend.  So Cleo and I met him, and Nat, who is the mastermind of the Hideaway would join us the next day.  

In the rain we arrived to the little Robinson Crusoe island of which is Nat's Kingdom, to a pool vill a suite we arrived and had the most satisfying meal.  I loved it.  Loooved the TV that could be watched from the bath tub and just the cute the little hut with the dopest detail - they thought it all out for us already . . .

Pool Villa

Cleo and I

Cleo in uniform

What no one prepared me for was the Hilltop Reserve to which we would move the next day . . . One word - SPEECHLESS . . . to feel that you are on the top of the world, where the doors with its raw sturdy pillars welcome you to a horizon of sky and clouds and ocean with limestone islands that look like they are talking to each other - utterly surreal.

The Reserve itself has 3 bed rooms, hidden bathtubs (many), steam room and sauna, gym, wine cellar, dining room, Bose surround sound, a bamboo slide, around infinity pool, lots of space, and did I mention the view?  . . oh and of course the best service ever!
Andre and Nat

Even though it was the moodiest of storms, most instense of never ending rain - it was beautiful and rather romantic.  Lunch of champagne and without doubt the best club sandwich I have ever had - if Tyler Brule's Club Sandwich index to rate hotels is anyting to go by, Hideway is utterly superior.

Dinner was at the Chef's table . . . wonderful
And that really was just the beginning . . . .

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