Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Astronauts in Africa s/s 10

Before leaving nsha I started what was to be my last collection, Astronauts in Africa S/S 2010  . . . the collection was never materialised and these moodboards have become inspiration for other things for me - for mood and colours, for destinations and new projects. . .

I centred the collection around the idea of the nomadic traveller - literally as well as figuratively - hence vast the open space of the desert and astronauts in space - the two coming together in the geometry of Timbuktu, the sculptures of Not Vital in the desert and the works of Judd at the Cinnati Foundation in Marfa, Texas (and at the time I made the board the work of one of his protege's Baertling).  I was inspired how the future and minimalism can find such a fitting home in the desert as well as the way of life of the Touregs and the idea of freedom.  

My three dream destinations contained in the content of these boards - Mali with Timbuktu and the dessert of Essakane, the pilgrimage to Marfa stopping on the way at Walter de Maria's Lightning Field and Turrell's Roden Crater and space.  Something about desert and barren land and the idea of a hidden oasis really hypnotised me.

Light natural ethereal colours with accents of primary colours and iridescent shimmers, flowing simple lines, sharp edges and the freedom to move.

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