Friday, 18 September 2009

Marc Jacobs does it again . . . ss 10

Call me sado-masochist but I have been in Bkk and looking through at the shows and the goings-on when normally I would be in NY.  Then again, it's another fashion week in that big circuit and seeing as I can see all the looks and get daily updates from various parties via blackberry messenger anyway - well it's not so bad. There is a time and place for everything I guess.  It has now come to an end and next stop is London - I must say though there are a few highlights for me from NY - some things that are so quintessentially American and unique that it can only be born on that side of the Atlantic.

One of those things is Marc Jacobs, yes, his sensibility is European in parts but the way that he reinvents and puts together is uniquely his and well, uniquely New-Yorkan (if that is a word).  Marc Jacob's Spring 2010 show provoked thought and curiousity.  For me it had hints of Thailand, especially Siam as portrayed in the King and I and at other moments felt some what Japananese, yet very Dior new look at the same time.  I adore the grown-up yet playful sensiblity executed in the most elegant way.  The skirts which hang almost like a sarong, the fabulous fanny packs that went with them, shoes like those in the reign of King Rama IV. I loved these three looks - rather genius really - love it or hate - the guy does something right . . .

Oh and let's not forget the styling and the intricate detail on those garments - a fantasy world which brings together so many elements.  I love.

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