Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Island Adventure . . . Phang Nga and more

Nat's idea of a Hideway also involves an adventure . . .so off we went on our little speedboat equipped with yummy chicken sandwiches on our private little adventure . . . 

Nat, Andre and Cleo on boat
#1 Cave exploration 

. . . very Indiana Jones . . . 


clay was good for feet and the stags both up and down were gorgeous.  
Cleo and I

Andre and the lagoon at the end

#2 Room Island and James Bond island . . . the name is from its appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun

#3 Canoeing through caves . . . 

Amazingly diverse micro environments - we could have been in a swamp in True Blood at one point

#4 Village on water - Koh Panyee . . .

 Panyee in water 

When James Bond came to Phang Nga Bay in the 70's  - what started was a community - completely self sufficient Muslim community called Panyee
the school and football pitch

It was charming, sweet and like being in Narnia as we had to go through a door that led us to another world . . .

#5 Real cave drawings . . . 

Apparently from over 3000 yrs ago, found by some french dude 80 years ago.  We liked the dolphins
Back in the Kingdom  . . .
Andre, Cleo, Me, Nat

Watching the waning moon and dozing off under the sky

Finally, our time to depart arrived, the hardest thing about Yao Noi is not getting there actually - it's leaving  . . . .
my room and very comfortable bed with sublime view

last dip before departure

What a little break like that does is show only what nature has to offer but what dedication and passion can give birth to - although sunburnt - I am thoroughly inspired  . . . great company and a surreal island will do that.

my favourite moment - entering the Reserve

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