Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Singapore F1 Grand Prix - Before the race

The weekend of a Grand Prix one often finds that it is the race and solely the race and perhaps the after party which is the main attraction, in the case of Singapore - the lead up to the race and entertainment carefully planned around it was worth being centre stage itself.

My little sejour could hardly be normal with my little sister, Trustfun founder Lynn in charge, made even more exciting with Michelle Eng (a friend from boarding school) being in town and my mentor, Arnold Chan flying in.
Upon arriving at the new ION mall, Lynn and I bump into Pharrell - seeing as I see him everywhere I was able to invite him to Nat's Hideaway - how fun would that be!
That night, Michelle and I had our usual sake fest then went to the first night of the Fuel F1 party where Underworld played.  

Michelle and I
I am not a fan of Underwolrd but there is a sense of nostalgia there especially with that refrain from Trainspotting and trying to hit those giant balloons. 
Then off I went to rejoin Lynn at Erol Elkan and then for late night customary Hainanese Chicken rice at the legendary Boon Tong Kee.
The next day was about recovery and Pharrell at F1 rocks - thanks to Earn Chen of Surrender who hooked me up with a pass. . . so the 'entourage' we saw at ION with Pharrell was actually his band, it was n*e*r*d.  Cute performance especially when they let the kids go on stage and dance with them.  

n*e*r*d with kids from the floor dancing on stage
What happens when they do not want to come down??? 
cute little girls at the entrance
Then it was dinner at lovely place called Taste Paradise (again at ION) then the Ferarri dome, I counted 12 bottles of Moet consumed. . . 

Arnold and Lynn

giant Elmo and I

the dj's were these weird dudes from Paris - they were dope - Back to the Future and Baklava's . . . 

- rock on - especially as this was only the beginning.

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