Thursday, 1 October 2009

Singapore F1 Grand Prix - The Qualifiers

The Saturday of the Qualifiers - Lynn had an invitation for me from M-Lounge or the Phillip Morris/Ferrari lounge at the Grand Prix - their hospitality package required registration downtown and yielded a lovely goody bag of Puma satchel, Ferrari cap and jacket and of course access to the Paddock Club . . .  instead of the tour that they provided from town to the track I opted to go with Arnold to the Maclaren press conference to meet Lewis Hamilton.  Yes, a shameless switching over of teams - at the conference I learnt about the cars and some of the things that goes on - even though it was my 3rd Grand Prix I never did get the jargon right.  Oh and of course a photo with Lewis Hamilton, the world champion. 

Lewis Hamilton and I

Arnold and I then went on to the track, he was also a guest of Mrs. Ong, of Club 21 who had a suite at Turn 2 - a fantastic turn as unlike the grandstand, you see the cars TURN rather than drive past alone.  
Arnold and I

Yes, more champagne and canape.  My friend, Sonia was the MC of the entire gig so every hour I would see Sonia on the screen and would hear her voice throughout . . .both of the MC's this year were Thai!Go Thailand! 

 Sonia on the screen

Sonia and I

I finally wandered over to see the others at the Paddock Club, ridiculous (rude) security to say the least, even with a pass and registration.  The Paddock Club was good food, access to the Grand Stand - pretty cool to see the cars do a pit stop and visits to Nobu.
Grandstand view

We skipped the qualifiers to go F1 Rocks to see Black Eyed Peas, unfortunately missing the beginning, so many people - a different deal from Pharrell for sure . . . and of course we stayed on to watch Beyonce


With news from Lynn that Lewis finished top poll - after Beyonce I had every intention to go to the Fuel party at the art museum but with a drained battery and pure exhaustion I went home after a wholesome bowl of fish noodles.

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