Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Light and Shadow

Smoke and mirrors . . .that's Hollywood - in this case the light and shadow I'm talking about is from the work of Wit Pimkanchanapong at 100 Tonson Gallery . . . A beautiful installation which explores the relationship between light and shadows as mirrored panels move mechanically aroudn a light.  What he creates is almost a conversation between them where the singular exposed bulb in the middle is the only source of light where everything else grows from. . . the mirrored panels flickering in and out, constantly turning.  Never once does it feel the same as the light and shadows change at each angle thus creating different emotions as the shadows and light change.  It is in itself a subtle exploration of time and space and dichotamy.  Each moment created from the same structure yet, different every time . . . interesting and rather provoking.

Reminiscent of work of Olafur Eliasson, his intallastions at the Moma last summer, but of course Wit has his own language and it is clear yet mysterious.  Worth a trip - the space is wonderful.

I went for the opening night a few weeks back but the piece does deserve an audience that is disengaged from wine, roti and interesting conversation.  I bumped into P'Ing and P'Manit (Kathmandu Gallery) with the former of whom I was engaged in long conversation about film, P'Ing after all will be making an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth and has gone through the painstaking task of translation toute seul whilst maintaining the Bard's Iambic Pentameter.  Interesting.  Oh and let's not forget catching up with an old boarding school friend and Cleo.  So yes, Wit's work is deserving of a real audience thus I must go back by the 25th October to get a real taste of his version of light and shadow.

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