Monday, 26 October 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow

My friend, Oliver Clegg is an artist, now he is also a surfer and has moved from London to Cornwall . . . he is without any doubt an extremely talented young British artist. 

The picture of the beautiful brunette was at the Distortions group show at the Venice Biennale . . . the second one is his latest work called Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and was what he showed at Frieze last week . . .  

Leaving aside the fact that I was sadly not at Frieze this time,(Olly did rub that in a little bit), from the image he sent me, I felt that the painting is haunting, poetic and definitely nostalgic of a time past.  I love that he painted on dismantled old school desks, his use of colour is childlike yet precise and innocent with an undertone of something darker and more grown up - perhaps it is about tomorrow and thus a loss innocence.  

I find that as Olly matures as artist, his works become more haunting and more effective and clearer in its message.   Perhaps that is part of what happens when we grow up, we shed our innocence somewhat and immerse ourselves in a world that is darker, yet hopeful for the future.

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