Monday, 19 October 2009

Candy colour-coated synchronicity - Sretsis AW 09

Fun Fun Fun - from the get go with the revolving doors . . .the formality of the black with the tail coats and ending with the synchronised candy coloured models shuffling along the stage in huddled groups was very very cute. Sooo cute.  Vintage reference, fantastic colour palette and really really good fun.  

Loved it . . .  a different quirky girl, but a very charming one indeed.

I stumbled along also to the Sretsis after party - yes, these girls, the three Sretsis sisters do not know just how to put together a collection and a show but they also know how to have a very good time - free flow Hoegarden and champagne at their little bistro Minibar . . . the old record player and eclectic fun sing-a-long music - I thought I was in the West Village for a second. J'adore - especially with Note running around with "Vote Note" the panel, which seemed to take upon a life of his own -

2 of the sisters, Note, and P'Boyy

Vote Note and Note

 Boyy in Sretsis

Note was filming the last installment to his HP competition film- rather sad as our impresario will be leaving for AGES - hopefully we will see a Trustfun X Dudesweet party very soon.

Note and I

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