Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Vintage Find

After rain, massage, more rain and our ad hoc umbrellas of free magazines we found ourselves at this cute store on our way to the pier on Phra Athit road - definitely a well kept secret.  We literally did "stumble" upon it as there was a little jumble sale outside.

Cute vintage dresses, old fabrics remade into dresses, old original cd's, old records.  A Warhol calender and print adorned the wall along with other bits and bobs of the old. Soo chic and definitley eclectic.  Might also add that the music was coming from a record payer and there was a special little stand to let you know what tune was crackin.

Michelle and I

cd's, stand and record player

I discovered the cover of Loy Kratong in which the cover art work looked like a Barry McGee underneath a table- the sales assistant forbade me to touch it saying it was very valuable and belonged to the owner.  Now if someone told you that, would you not want to touch it more?

old records - Loy Kratong in blue

Anyway, what a grand surprise, The Trapeze Swinger proved to be and we left with our 80 baht jumble sale pieces, vowing to definitely come back to try own and buy little dresses and a record or two.

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