Thursday, 15 October 2009

Kuppa Spa and the rest of the weekend

There is a wonderful restaurant/coffee shop in Sukhumvit Soi 16 called Kuppa, the gorgeous and ever-so-talented founder of the restaurant, P'Robin decided to open a spa behind it.  Needless to say, this really is not any ordinary spa . . . along side the massage rooms and little hair dressing units there are private rooms upstairs for parties and a one-of-a kind guitar jamming studio.  So basically, if Guitar Hero ceases to satisfy, one can come along and jam on any of the the guitars in the fully equipped sound-proof studio . .  Pretty neat I would say.
Cleo, Michelle and I stumbled along to the opening after a rather hard day spent at the weekend market.  In retrospect, an afternoon hanging out the rooftop at P'Harry's might have been a smarter idea and the boys, Archie, Alex and Jez (Harry's guests) did look a fair bit fresher than we did . . . or maybe it is the wonderfully charming and vivacious nature of English boys where they are able to charm and entertain whoever it is that is in sight even if in actual fact all they long for is a bed?  I am not so sure, I spent a lot of the night catching up with old friends and making some new ones whilst Cleo and Michelle terrorised the Flow boys.  
Dannie mixing a cocktail
Vachek, Trina, Me, Archie, Cleo, Jez, Michelle
The cocktails were so sublime and really rather strong that we ended up heading to Demo after Kuppa . . . Michelle and I had gone the night before too - amazing fun for Jay's and Na's bday on the mezzanine.
Alex, Cleo and Archie
The additions of the English boys from Hong Kong (Archie, Alex, and Jez), my boarding school friend (Michelle), Cleo and her friends from the European Commission to the mix,  made for quite a difference in the atmosphere,  and added to that, being car-less and staying with Michelle at Ten Face made it a remarkable and memorable weekend. 
Michelle and I
The weekend did start for me at Chotchitr and went on and on up until Harry's place where once more he played the most gracious host late Saturday night.  It was utterly surreal as the weekend ended with Sunday lunch at Plern's and David's (Harry's parents) - for me it was completely out of synch with my normal Bangkok experience, it was like I was somewhere else and we enjoyed ourselves so much it felt a bit too short - though any longer and we might have needed resuscitation.  Definitely a sweet,  memorable and "maxi"-funny weekend. I said once that Harry is the king of creating fantasies - well, this one definitely was a fantasy but one that I believe, will be repeated again and again as there were far too many jokes and memorable moments for there not to be a bond. . . Bangkok has that effect on  people.

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