Friday, 2 October 2009

Singapore F1 Grand Prix - The Race

So Sunday - the day of the race - my marginally extended sleep compared to the rest of the Sleeping Square as Lynn would like her apartment to be called bode well especially as Sunday would be a long one . . . Jasper took Lynn, Andrew and I too a Peranagkan restaurant - kinda like Indonesian food but not - my month in Indonesia earlier this year actually gave me a taste for their cuisine, such that I did not have when I was a child living there.  
Then it was off to meet Arnold to go to the track.  We decided to watch the race from Turn 2 on the rooftop - the game plan being to do that then descend to the Paddock with a quarter of the race left.  
Turn 2 from the Sky Suite rooftop
I had never been to the Paddock (different from the Club) and Pit before so this was a first - where you sit with the team's friends and family and watch it from the screen with the sound of the cars in the background.  We were invited by Maclaren as Sammy who works for the team is a family friend of Arnold's.  Very sweet guy.  
Lynn and Sammy
So it did become rather predictable really that Lewis would win and he did (although Vettel did win today in Tokyo - one week later) . . .so the moment that the last lap finished, everyone in the Paddock were on their toes ready to rush to the Pitstop. That is exactly what we did too and got a pretty good view to say the least.  What fun!!
smiling camera man = great view

the cars

obviously great view, champagne splashed on us too

Control Deck and Me

Lewis' trophy

After the excitement of the race, close up of the teams and their workings, and witnessing tender moments between Lewis and Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)we went to Stereolab for the official F1 party.  We hung out for a while, especially as a few of our Thai friends were there including P'Pim and P'Win . . .I decided to bounce out of their by 3.  It was exhausting and I still found the unreasonable attitude of bouncers and security guards in the place extremely annoying . . . 

So yes, that was it - the end of F1 - I almost wish I stayed out later on all the nights but perhaps a blessing in disguise as the exhaustion does catch up with you.  Michelle took me to the airport and we did out usual airport meal and good bye reminiscent of Paddington station in boarding school.  Alas, another year till the next Singapore Grand Prix.  As the Monte Carlo Grand Prix is rather chic with the Cote d'Azur vibe and all - Singapore is pretty cool - young and cool with great energy - I hope they can work out the glitches with the staff - where service can be with a smile like the in the hospitality lounges  - then F1 in Singapore would truly rock.

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