Thursday, 8 October 2009

LET LOVE RULE - Justice x Lenny Kravitz

When you think, "Let Love Rule" - you think of Lenny Kravitz. Then, along came Justice with a remix of Let Love Rule and the results . . .well it makes you want to shout it "LET LOVE RULE" . . . fun, catchy and well, it just works.  Who would have thought that chilled hypnotic vibe of the track could still become hypnotic in a dancy-electronic kinda way.  

Here is the cheeky and rather amusing music video by Keith Schofield - at first I was like "say what?" . . . keep watching - it's fun and makes you smile .. . . can't help it really.

looooove it.  Hail Justice!


  1. wicked! wicked! wicked!:-)

  2. Really wanna get Let Love Rule tattooed to my left foot now!!! xxx